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Hey BetteHeads:

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Just wanted to remind you I’m working on the new photo scrapbook – reorganizing and adding more pics. It’s taking longer than I thought and I really didn’t think it out well, but it’ll have to do for now. One thing I forgot is to retain the captions, so when I’m finished I’ll have to go back and add some of those back.

There are new features you can use….like sending some of the pics as ecards, rating them, commenting on them, and I beleve at some point you might be able to upload some of your own pics if you wish to share.

My operation went fine, but my foot and half my leg hurt even with painkillers. Think I should get Rush Limbaugh to score me some heavier shit? Anyway, I’m learning to master crutches, but anyone who knows me is aware I’m so uncoordinated as it is and quite a site to see me now.

On the bright side, and I do hope this comes to fruition since this has been one shitty year and a half, my singer/songwriter friend Becky and I may end up going to Iraq for 2 weeks in December during Christmas to play for the troops. You have to play at least 30 – 40% covers and that’s what I do best (I can’t write songs to save myself). You have to play a 2 hour set 5 nights a week. You sleep where the soldiers sleep. (yay for me!) The paperwork has been filled out so we’re just waiting for the okay…so keep your fingers crossed….I really want to do this. Also, this is not part of the USO organization.

I guess that’s it. Back to work on the scrapbook: Click Here

PS: Thanks to those who wrote or commented wishing me good luck during the surgery. There’s no need to do that, but it sure is appreciated.

Love, Mister D

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