A Personal Message From Mr. Bruce Vilanch To You Concerning A False Website

Mister D:

Recently, since the writer’s strike began, a lot of the major on-line news and gossip columns have reported on a site attributed to Bruce Vilanch which is absolutley false, complete with fake signs/slogans and a false email address”¦it’s not his! I am gladly passing on this message from Mr. Vilanch at his request:

“I have nothing to do with Brucestrikes.com. I’ve been punked bigtime. However, I am pleased to see in the photo I look thin.


Bruce and his camp are doing what they can to stifle this. I’m going to go one step farther and ask everyone”¦.if you see this posted anywhere, please take the time to comment that this whole thing is erroneous. You can refer them back to this site and article. Just click on the tile of this article to make the link.

Or if you’d like, you can also write me if you see the erroneous news and I’ll be glad to forward the site to Mr. Vilanch and his management so that they can contact the editor personally.

I want to emphasize that it isn’t necessarily the online Hollywood news sites’ fault. The webpage in question, Brucestrikes.com looks convincing, but it is someone trying to pass himself off as the real thing, complete with an email address (which is not Bruce’s) So if you write or comment to the editor, be kind and refer them to this article or the artilce on the newly official Bruce site…”We Got Bruce!” Any help to squash an untruth is definitley appreciated.

For the really new Bette fans who might not understand why I post Bruce stuff on here….well, he is a lifelong friend to Bette and has written and/or collaborated on all of her major concert tours since the early 70’s. And he’s still working with her as she approaches Vegas. So, if you can help in some way that would be great. It’s just not cool to try and pass yourself off as someone you’re not.

Thanks so much,

Love, Mister D

PS: We can be the “Bruce Brigade!” 🙂

PSS: I’ll be back shortly to deal with BLB. Comments are open again, but I will be putting up a new email address soon. Also a major shout out to Darrell and Cris…I’m fine and will be in touch soon.

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One thought on “A Personal Message From Mr. Bruce Vilanch To You Concerning A False Website

  1. It’s the Bruce Brigade to the rescue, we’ll be there to back him up, even after he has had to many Vodka’s & Tonics, we’ll be there to hold him up!

    Sydney Australia!


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