Reminder: “My Night At The Grammy’s” This Friday, November 30th

Mister D: Remember we had to vote on our favorite performances from a list of 50? Well, Miss M’s live performance of “From A Distance” was one of the nominees. Let’s hope our votes paid off.

Photo: Spellman
(November 15, 2007 in New York City. 2007 7th on Sale Black-tie Gala Dinner)

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MY NIGHT AT THE GRAMMYS Special | November 30, 8pm et/pt

My Night at the Grammys, 8pm et/pt, CBS. The greatest performances from the history of the music awards show were determined by an Internet vote and will be revealed in order. While the top choice hasn’t been revealed, performance clips are scheduled to include duets by Prince and Beyonce, Eminem and Elton John, and Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand, along with songs by Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Green Day.

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2 thoughts on “Reminder: “My Night At The Grammy’s” This Friday, November 30th

  1. Well, her performance wasn’t in the top 25, but Miss M will always be number one in our books. I coulnd’t believe that Green Day was number one. . . that’s just wrong.

  2. I should have remembered to promote it more. We could have gotten her up there. Thanks for telling me, I missed the show last night….went to my brother’s gig.

    Love, Mister D

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