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Update: 12/11/07

Mister D:

Hey Bette-o-philes – just wanted to let you know that I put new music up in both jukeboxes, ipods, whatever. It’s a little holiday oriented, but not all of it. Here’s link for the BLB Digital Jukebox

In the Bette’s Fave Songs section, I did it a little different this time. Most stuff doesn’t relate to Bette this time. It’s just mostly inspirational type stuff for the season. I’ll return back to my regular theme in the New Year, but I hope you will enjoy anyway.

Polls, I will work on next….

Of course, always be looking for extra videos added in BMTV or photos in the Bettehead Scrapbook. I just randomly add stuff every once in awhile.

Make sure to check out Darrell’s Audio/Video of the month at

Forums to think about:

Brian’s The Bette Midler Society
Brandon’s Bette Midler Club on Yahoo
Sarah’s Unlock Divinity Forum

If anybody has a place where they gather to talk Bette, please let me know so I can inform the readers.

And of course, please check out the scrollbar at the top of the page for information on the Oprah/Bette contest and Bette’s Ultimate Diva Sweepstakes…the titles are clickable.

Hope everyone has started out the week full of joy….just hold on for the weekend.

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on “Update: 12/11/07

  1. Hey Mr D!

    Just wanted to see how things with with your appointment yesterday, hope your doing well.

    Also, seeing as though I will be a man of leisure over the festive season I will be breaking out the art books and such and doing some sketches, I have decided that the Divine Miss M is going to be the subject of my charcoal’s and acid free paper. (NOTE:I didn’t say I will be dropping acid before embarking on this Tour De Force of “Art & Farts.”)

    Normally I only draw Superman, Batman and other male icons wearing skin tight clothing and bulging ________(Fill In The Blank!)If all goes well I was wondering If I can email over to you my completed works for posting on your Blog.

    Bearing in mind I am not artist, I just dabble in art when the price of cocaine gets to expensive and I can’t afford to snort anything more than artificial sweeteners! LOL

    Let me know if this is cool for me to do.

    Big Hugz!

    Sydney Australia

  2. Red Rover Red Rover send the art over….:-) It will be interesting to see how your art translates to different subject matter…:-) And yes, Manny, I’ve seen you’re sexy little superheroes….LOL

    Doc’s visit: They put me on a another migraine preventative….it just sucks. I still have the headache I had yesterday….mine are really bad. I think I average about 3-4 a week. Hope this is the one.

    Thanks for asking…

    Love, D

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