Updated Exclusive: New “Then She Found Me” Book Cover, Possibly “NOT” Movie Poster As Well….

Mister D: Yay, I got another exclusive!!! This is the new cover of Ms. Lipman’s book, “Then She Found Me,” and this bodes well that the movie poster will be the same. But now I have to buy the book again so I can have this cover. Not quite sure when the change will take place…they are still waiting to put Helen Hunt’s quote on the back of the book:

Love, Mister D

PS: I just got the word that this most likely will not be the movie poster. Currently, the art dept is working on a concept that includes “the guys” in the movie (I don’t know if that means Bette is off the cover of the movie poster or what). However, the images of Ms. Hunt and Bette will be used heavily in the promotion of the movie…so that’s just fine by me…

If you’d like to see some bigger images, check out the Bette Gallery
: Click Here

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9 thoughts on “Updated Exclusive: New “Then She Found Me” Book Cover, Possibly “NOT” Movie Poster As Well….

  1. THANK GOD that Bette is on the cover. I was worried… and am still disappointed with the Stepford Wives poster!!

    I hope this is the movie poster and DVD cover as well. I will have to buy another book, but I don’t mind.

  2. I agree…at least we’ll be seeing her no matter what, though. This could very well be Miss M’s year…once more…


  3. Mister D,

    I added this to my site but I credited you!! Is that okay?

    It looks very appealing. Do you know when the book will be released?


  4. No…I asked, but that part of the question couldn’t be answered. I would imagine within the next month….tell Ms. Hunt to hurry up with her blurb! 🙂

    You don’t have to ask me about using stuff…I never ask people (maybe I should…LOL….but I do send traffic their way, too), but I try to credit people when I know the source…..

    I should just email you if I can remember…my brain sometimes goes on vacation…:-)

    Love. D

  5. Mister D,

    thank you for all your wonderful updates – and just generally for being , well, Mister D! I check your page on a daily basis and need it like my morning coffee!
    The book looks phenomenal and I can’t wait to see the movie! However, the thought that the Divine Miss M might not be on the movie-poster really bothers me – after all, she might be the (only!) one to get an Academy-Award nomination out of all of them… Should we write to THINK-Film?? What do You THINK???

  6. Thanks Honey Gee and Prince Charming for feeding my ego…it needs it on a daily basis….isn’t that sad? 🙁

    Morning Coffee? Mr. PC, I’d say you are addicted, my friend.

    As far as writing the film company…I really think they are too far along in the process to change their minds. After all, there’s not much time left. However, I bet Bette (haha) will be featured prominently in the previews and magazine ads…

    Love, Mister D (love the Prince Charming name, too)

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