Beastie Boys Audiobook Is Out With A Stellar Guest List To Tell Their Story, Including Bette Midler

Beastie Boys Audiobook
The Beastie Boys

Mister D: For 15 years I managed record stores, and during that time the Beastie Boys were huge. I wasn’t very much into rap ever, but my employees were and one thing you could guarantee…on any given day The Beastie Boys and Bette Midler would be playing. They were a group that got better and better with each new album and making end of the year Best Music lists. Somehow, I can’t see many of you listening to their records nor Bette Midler telling their story, but you’re missing out. I was really ecstatic that Bette was participating in this. I need to contact some of my old employees. They’d get a kick out of this.

Beastie Boys Audiobook Is Out With A Stellar Guest List To Tell Their Story, Including Bette Midler

A panoramic experience that tells the story of Beastie Boys, an audiobook as unique as the band itself.

Formed as a New York City hardcore band in 1981, Beastie Boys struck an unlikely path to global hip hop superstardom. Here is their story, told for the first time in the words of the band. Adam “ADROCK” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond offer revealing and very funny accounts of their transition from teenage punks to budding rappers. For more than 30 years, this band has had an inescapable and indelible influence on popular culture. 

With a style as distinctive and eclectic as a Beastie Boys album, Beastie Boys Book upends the typical music memoir, featuring a collection of voices reminiscent of your favorite mixtape. 

Audiobook cast Includes: 

Steve Buscemi – yay
Ada Calhoun 
Bobby Cannavale – yay
Exene Cervenka – yay
Roy Choi 
Jarvis Cocker 
Elvis Costello – yay
Chuck D -yay
Nadia Dajani 
Michael Diamond 
Snoop Dogg – yay
Will Ferrell – yay
Crosby Fitzgerald 
Randy Gardner 
Kim Gordon – yay
Josh Hamilton 
Adam Horovitz – yay
LL Cool J – yay
Spike Jonze – yay
Pat Kiernan 
Talib Kweli 
Dave Macklovitch 
Rachel Maddow – boo
Tim Meadows 
Bette Midler – yay
Mix Master Mike – yay
Nas – yay
Yoshimi O 
Rosie Perez – yay
Amy Poehler – yay
Kelly Reichardt 
John C. Reilly – yay
Ian Rogers 
Maya Rudolph – yay
Rev Run 
Luc Sante 
Kate Schellenbach 
MC Serch 
Chloe Sevigny – yay
Jon Stewart – yay
Ben Stiller – yay
Wanda Sykes – yay
Jeff Tweedy – yay
Philippe Zdar

Advance praise for Beastie Boys Book

“This entertaining look at Beastie Boys history is as innovative and raucous as the band’s music.” (Publishers Weekly, starred review)

“Beastie Boys fans will devour this book, as will anyone interested in the early days of hip-hop, the art/music/street life of New York City in the 1980s, and the alternative-nation zeitgeist of the ’90s.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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