And As For Me….

Some of you were very astute in your observations that I was in Vegas. Now riddle me this??? I just arrived home in Nashville tonight…And boy my arms are tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ba da bing! All will become clear within a day and a half. I just happened to roll the dice and hit the “Jackpot” I’d spill my guts now, but I am hostage to my word…Midnight, Feb 20th all shall be revealed….

Hate doing this to ya’ll really….

Love, MIster D

PS: In the meantime, there’s bunches to post, so give me a few hours to rest….

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6 thoughts on “And As For Me….

  1. you mean FEB. 20th??! =/

    oh, I bet you have one plate full of dish…and pictures, too!!

    *hugs* sorry I have been away… ~ g

  2. one more thingy, since I went back and looked over the last few posts….OMG!!!! the BetteHead T-SHIRTS!! someone said this already….JUNE can’t get here SOON enough….and there better be plenty in stock by then!!! I am SUPER excited!!! oh, my! you were THERE…over the weekend, huh??! you got to see a rehearsal, huh?? oh, I just BETTE you did!!!! ok, I’ll shut up now… =)

  3. Da;Vi, Brandon, G, Andy, and any others…I have what they call a conflict of interest here….letting you know what I can for now and will be truthful in my 20th of Feb post.

    Nothing for you to get excited about….but if I write my story correctly, it should prove interesting….

    No pics…I’m a sucker for no cameras…never remember….did not get to see Bette personally which I knew was highly unlikely,

    Hope never to be put in this position again with my friends….The BetteHeads. The T-shirt is real and being sold in the Bette store…A story goes with that as well, but that one can’t be told. But it’s meant as a tribute to the core fans from Bette. I hope ya’ll buy them. And no I don’t make a thing from it and I probably wouldn’t be given credit….but it was a great gesture by Miss M’s staff…..

    There are so many items in the store, no one will walk away dissatisfied….unless of course, you walk in already broke….:-)

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