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Cojo Interviews Bette! (Thanks Nicola)

Mister D: Isn’t Cojo that rabid dog from the Stephen King movie? OOPS – I forgot….it’s Cujo!!!!! LOL Okay I was just trying to be funny. All Cojo fans, please forgive me…..

Okay…fuck it again, here it is:

BETTE MIDLER’s all-new Las Vegas production, The Showgirl Must Go On, debuts tonight at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and our own COJO is with the Divine Miss M!

“I wanted to do something really lively, beautiful, colorful,” Bette tells Cojo. “I wanted to celebrate the feminine form. I want it to be a little bit raunchy. I want it to be sort of the essence of Vegas — the thing that people come to Vegas for.”

Full of Bette’s trademark wit, harmony and humor, the new show features some of the veteran performer’s most colorful characters, from Delores Delago (the wheelchair-bound mermaid) to the oldest living showgirl in Las Vegas — old, old, old Soph. The Showgirl Must Go On also features a 13-piece band and 20 female dancers. Bette is expected to perform approximately 100 shows a year, five nights a week (except Mondays and Thursdays).

“My dream is to have a show with feathers and rhinestones and sequins,” says Bette, “and entrances and smoke and fire and mirrors and all the stuff you think about when you think about Vegas — but also with a little bit of story behind it, so the audience has something to hang onto. So it’s not just boobs and boas.”

Love, Mister D

PS: Lord, please let me have a break now!!!

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10 thoughts on “Cojo Interviews Bette! (Thanks Nicola)

  1. THANKS for everything Don!!!, I’m enjoying it so so much!!!. I feel like it was my premiere too…. You know, some boys want to be showgils too………. (-: Love,


  2. Thanks Eze…..

    This day I have not been able to leave the computer. I was going to write about my trip tonight but I don’t think I’ll get to it….:-( Yes, but, I really wanted to be a show boy….but it would not be pretty at this point in my life….ah youth!!!!

    Love, D

  3. Looked good….I started eating and the meds I take took a little toll. I need to try and exercise again. I look the pits

  4. Don, thanks for everything. It’s all so exciting and today has been made a thousand times better because of all you’re doing.

    This is a nice interview (although I hate the general boring questions such as the one about her diets, plastic surgery, blah blah blah). I never watch these trash shows but I got over my disgust when I DVR’d The Insider and Extra. What I won’t do for Bette 🙂

    Thanks again!

  5. Oh Stephen!!! You’re welcome…I have nothing else to do really, but today has been pretty tiring. But it’s not often this kind of stuff happens. I think I still have jet lag or something.

    I don’t watch these shows either unless Bette is on. I’d love to interview her….my questions might be too deep for TV though…:-)

    Love, D

  6. Don! Thanks for all of these interviews! I’ve missed them all on TeeVee, thanks to jetlag (I was in Vegas and just missed you!!), too much work, la la la. The Divine One was just divine in her show, was she not? Hope to run into you you next time, dear. It’s an exciting week, isn’t it? Thanks again for keeping us all a-BREAST (hah!) of all things Bette. Ciao!

    your old friend Deb from Ohio

  7. Deb:

    I’m glad you wrote again. I saw the other and then this burst of activity started….how are you????? Sorry I missed you and Eric…I would have loved to have seen you both. Eric is so nice, but I wanted you to make him write down a few things before you left. Now it’s too late. Have a safe trip….

    Love, Don


    I was just going to eat!!!! Thank you!!!!

    Love, D

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