“Jackpot – The Best Bette” Release Delayed Until August 28th?

Mister D:

I just received a notice that Bette’s “Jackpot” release will be delayed until August ’08. There was no reason given. It’s strange since you can purchase it at The Caesar’s Store…unless they have been pulled. Some of us have already purchased it from there.

Another odd thing….on Amazon there is also another “Jackpot” by Bette priced at 32.99. I’m trying to find something out.

If anybody has information, please email me. Mr. Rhino Records are you out there??????

Love, Mister D

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2 thoughts on ““Jackpot – The Best Bette” Release Delayed Until August 28th?

  1. Mister D,
    I called Amazon.com about Jackpot. The customer service person that helped me said that it must be a technical error and that he will report it ASAP. I was hoping it was a collectors edition with an extra CD or something like that. I wanted to get it for my daughter, the biggest Bette fan in the world. She has met and talked to Bette three times and would love to get a special edition of Bette’s CD. Oh well, she’ll love Jackpot just as it is!
    Keep up the good work! We love this web site!

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