Good News/Bad News/Thank Yews

Artwork: Lucy Wilkins

Mister D:

  • First, I want to thank all the people who have sent reviews in – whether short or long. It all contributes to the whole. If any of you have something you’d like to write about that’s Bette-related, go for it. We can see if this whole guest blogger thing works or not. I’ve certainly enjoyed it.
  • I do want to make clear that Darron’s guest blog was originally written for another publication. (Darron, you’ll have to remind me since I can’t find the email)
  • Jeff D., who is already a guest blogger, has a review coming up for “Then She Found Me” which I will post late tonight. He went to a D.C. screening.
  • For New Yorkers that read BLB, Arts and News, along with Ms. Mish, let us know there is a free screening of Then She Found Me – here’s the information.

Film: Then She Found Me

Date: Monday April 14

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Admission: FREE

Tribeca Cinemas 54 Varick St. (Get Map)

54 Varick St.
New York, New York 10013

    For the full write-up: Click Here
  • It is true that Bette’s CD is being delayed til August. I received a confirmation from Bette’s office. Sorry guys and gals, I don’t know why. I do ask, but…..
  • And Manny….thank you for your prolific comments. I love reading them, but I would have to smoke crack to keep up with you! Or get into good shape as you are…so thank you. If you don’t see me responding all the time, it’s not personal…I’m just fat and lazy! 🙂
  • For Charity Buzz Auctions…you must register and sign in to bid online. The bidding is done online. And, no, this isn’t an auction being held at the Flower Power function (Bette’s annual Spring Gala) although they could auction off some bigger items at the party like they do at Hulaween. I know that sounds confusing, so if anybody can say it better than rambling Mister D talk, please do.
  • I’m going to be interviewing Bette’s comedy writer and parody song writer, Eric Kornfeld, this week. If you have some questions about comics, his work, etc…send them in and I’ll see if he answers them. Please, you can pretty much rule out personal questions/requests about Bette.
  • I’ve been asked to do, by a few regular BetteHeads, about doing a “Ask Mister D” section, like Rosie’s. Basically, it’s answering your email questions, but posting them online along with my witty response. The mechanics of Rosie’s site is a little “out of my league” so I will…well, I’ll manually do it. I am so low tech, it ain’t funny! But I need a few days off while I’m doing the above interview.
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