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Why Not? The 2007 Performancing Blog Awards Nominations (Need Write-Ins)

Mister D:

Okay, this is so shameless, but I’m going to ask you germs and disinfectants (which is which??? girls and boys????) to play along if you like or have time. is holding their annual 2007 Performancing Blog Awards and are calling for “write-in” nominations. I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this, but promotion is promotion…and it’s a chance to get more people aware of Bette’s presence on-line. Since my site is part blog/part fansite…I think we fit the bill to participate. It’s a win/win for all of us to get Bette’s name, show, enviromental work, and such to new viewers. Plus it feeds my rapidly shrinking ego…which shrinks, you know, other parts….:-( LOL

Here are the categories – I italicized the ones where I could remotely fit in. I don’t care which you choose to use as long as we get Bette’s name out there. So if you do participate, make sure when you put my link name that you write Bette Midler beside it:

Performancing is all about encouraging bloggers to make good blogs. And this year, we’re going to recognize the best blogs in the business with the first annual Performancing Blog Awards.

Starting today, we’re opening up nominations for the best best blogs or bloggers in each category. You are free to nominate your own blog, but we’d also encourage you to nominate others…blogs and bloggers that you truly believe in.

In addition, why not help spread the word about the Performancing Blog Awards by making a post on your own blog. You are free to hotlink the image and also include the following categories that are up for nomination.

Each category will have a single winner, two runners up, and possibly some honorable mentions. Our goal is to highlight the very best that the blogosphere has to offer, and we appreciate any tips/help that the Performancing community can provide to help us make our decisions:

Official Categories For The 2007 Performancing Blog Awards:

1. The Best Overall Blog
2. The Most Influential Blogger
3. The Best Blog Design
4. The Best Blog Typography
5. The Best Blog Name
6. The Best New Blog
7. The Best Blog Community
8. The Most Improved Blog of 2007
9. The Best Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of
10. The Best Blog Podcast
11. The Best Use of a Corporate Blog
12. The Best Video Blog
13. The Best Writing/Blogging Blog
14. The Best Science/Technology Blog
15. The Most Controversial Blog
16. The Best SEO Blog
17. The Best Celeb/Style Blog
18. The Best Business/Money Blogs
19. The Best Photo Blog
20. The Best Sports Blog
21. The Best Blog WebHost
22. The Best Family and Parenting Blog
23. The Best Political Blog
24. The Best Food/Health Blog
25. The Funniest Blog
26. The Best Travel Blog
27. The Best Education Blog
28. The Best Entertainment Blog (Music, TV, Movies

I know a lot of you use My Space and other social forums…if ya’ll decide to concentrate on one category…go for it. Or don’t. This is really meant to be fun and a time waster, if you like. But, it does work in promoting Bette…whether we win or lose… But, this means I will have to write my “About” crap…and I am such a procrastinator…

If you want to participate, here’s the link (yes, you do have to log in or register to post your choices). Also, even if you don’t want to tout BLB, this is a good chance for you to nominate some of your favorite blogs in many fields: Click Here To Submit Nominations

Thanks in advance to those who participate….

Love, Mister D

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6 thoughts on “Why Not? The 2007 Performancing Blog Awards Nominations (Need Write-Ins)

  1. Why thank you Mister Kornfeld!!!! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to drop by…I know how busy you are!!!

    Love, Mister D!

  2. Don,
    I failed with the sign in… How exactly does it work to nominate you lol did you know I’m a part-time blonde? aaah, gimme some instructions, please!

  3. LOL…a lot of people are having trouble. I did at first. All I remember doing is clicking on comments and was asked to register…I did…and wrote my comment…but it took a long time to show up…

    I’ll log out of that site and see if I can remember anything else….

    Love, Mister D

  4. @Chris, you’re so welcome. Sounds like you’re Part-Time-Blonde as well… How are you? We haven’t talked in ages…

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