Happy Earth Day – Perez Has Nothing On Me!

    Bette Midler, founder of the NYRP, kicked off Earth Day today by planting a tree in East Harlem, New York at Martin Luther King Jr. Housing Campus. NYRP partners with individuals, community-based groups, and public agencies to restore and develop under-resourced parks, community gardens, and other open spaces in New York City.

    Photo:J. Kohen/Wire Image

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4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day – Perez Has Nothing On Me!

  1. I’ll be the first to say it DON’T VISIT PEREZ HILTON’s WEB SITE. He is mean and sends negativity out there. He posted something EXTREMELY CRUEL about Bette today when she’s trying to do something inspiring. I’ll never visit his site again and I urge everyone to stop going!

  2. I can’t stand him. Someone told me he had this pic up with his watermark on it, so I found the pic without it. I don’t understand his appeal……

    Love, D

  3. Wow Stephen…I just had to go see what you were talking about….I would say extremely mean and so wrong. I’m staying away….he thrives on negativity.

  4. there’s nothing to say about a guy who calls himself “perez hilton”… c’mon. that site is def not our level.

    gotta go now and buy me some red sneakers 🙂

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