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Updates: 5-22-08

Mister D:

  • There’s new music up in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox and Same Voices, Other Songs. I think I put in more than usual, so enjoy it. I basically took 2 playlists from your suggestions and put them up. I’ll try to get everybody’s up over the next couple of months.
  • Another wave of theaters should be housing “Then She Found Me” beginning this week, so make sure you check your local listings. Keep in mind this is a small movie and it’s rolling out very slowly. I’m not sure what happens after the dates ThinkFilms provided us……Click Here
  • Prince Charming from Down Under wrote in to tell us the movie is taking more money in there than it is in the US. But I believe it opened in all theaters there. It opened in the number 6th position there. Here is has just cracked the Top 20. Please keep in mind that it is competing against the summer blockbuster movies, too. Think of it as an alternative.
  • I’m going to give my own shout out to my better half, Mister B, because it’s his birthday. So Happy Birthday Barry!!!!!
  • I really enjoyed the playlists you all came up with to turn your friends into Miss M fans. I was wondering what 3-5 movies you would show friends and family that you think would make them fans or show them there’s more to Bette Midler than they think. You can use a combo of concert videos (official releases) and theater releases. I’ll be posting mine after I think about who my surly friends are! 🙂

Love, Mister D

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11 thoughts on “Updates: 5-22-08

  1. Dear Don,

    I love playlists!!!, I do playlists all the time!!!, with the food I need to buy, with the things I have to do in a day, with the things I will carry with me on a trip, with the hottest guys on TV……. Maybe I’m adicted to playlists!!!! Save me!!!! (-;
    This is the one I’ve done with the movies or concerts I’ll show a friend:

    1- The Rose.
    2- Divine Madness.
    3- Beaches.
    4- Diva las Vegas.
    5- and Gypsy.



  2. My two best friends have become bigger Bette fans since i’ve showed them these movies/concerts:
    1.First Wives Club
    3.The Rose
    4.Diva Las Vegas

  3. In this exact order, I would show…in “Midler Madness! Movie Night”…

    1. Ruthless People (this is always a good one to start newbies off with!)
    2. Beaches (they’ll expect to see this if they haven’t already)
    3. The Rose (the “climax” of the movie night that will leave them wowed)
    4. The First Wives Club (re-pop the popcorn, they’ll want something lighthearted!)
    5. Divine Madness! (and wham-bam-thank you ma’m! Now they want to see her live!)

  4. yay, I love playlists too.
    so here’s my menu to convert my friends into a Bettehead!

    “then she found me”
    -she’s natural, funny, deep and just brilliant in this. even betteveggies have to love it.

    main course:
    “big business”
    -just hilarious and brilliant, too.

    “divine madness”
    -she sings, she’s tell dirrty jokes, she rocks and makes you cry, did I mention it’s brilliant? 🙂

    how delicious was that?

    I should leave my friends alone watching this b/c they might freak out hearing me sing/speak along every single word!

  5. I’ve watched my brothers get a kick out of these (not surprisingly):

    1. Outrageous Fortune
    2. Big Business
    4. Hocus Pocus
    5. The Rose

  6. Hmm, This is a good one,

    1. Outrageous Fortune (Kinda Cringy Though)
    2. Then She Found Me (Real Good Movie)
    3. Beaches (Classic Film, It Will Go Down In History)
    4. Hocus Pocus (It Mabe For Six Year Olds But Its Still Great
    5. Gypsy (She Puts So Much Effort Into It And The Character Is So Different From The Real Bette, Well I Imagine So Anyway LOL)

    There, thats my opinion, i just love everything she does, so its kinda hard to choose.

  7. Here goes!!!!!!!!!

    For the boys
    The Rose
    Divine Madness
    Down and Out in Beverly Hills
    Then She Found Me
    Diva Las Vegas
    Mondo Beyond

    Sorry, how many should I choose?LOL!

  8. well since i was lax in not putting up my song list {bad , bad Andy 🙁 I sowwy 🙁 }
    I will do the movies 🙂
    to start our evening I would go with something light and frothy as an appetizer, so lets say RUTHLESS PEOPLE. It doesnt tax the brain and it has Bette in a more supporting role.
    Next on to something a little heavier but not too filling, BEACHES. gives you a bit of comedy and a heap of tears.
    On to the Entree GYPSY. Bette becoming Broadway legend Mama Rose.
    Now the Main course THE ROSE . Gives you the true definition of a mutli-talented performer.
    And for desert ART OR BUST. music, singing, colors, emotion.
    and as the coffee after MONDO BEYONDO. Johnny Carson on a serious acid trip.

    🙂 That is my list!!
    hope you enjoy !
    love ya Mr. D!! Thank you!!

  9. Hi Andy and all the above. I have to say that with my crowd I have to hammer the F**K out of them to get their attention….no dilly dallying around for me:

    1. The Rose – she does it all – act, sing, and throws an Oscar nom at you….
    2. Divine Madness – ya need a dose of comedy and music after that. One of the best concert recordings on film. I’ll use that Time mag thing if needed…
    3. Art or Bust – colorful and bright blend of rock, cabaret, and comedy in a one hour package.
    4. Big Business – the musicians I’m around will enjoy the comic timing…esp the bathroom scene.
    5. Ruthless People – to send their fat asses home with boisterous laughs….

    If they stick around:

    6. Then She Found Me – for those that want to see a good little movie that leaves you feeling warm in the end….and proves Ms. Midler can be a team player.

  10. Just wanted to say that Then She Found Me is not in every theatre in Australia (not in Adelaide anyway) -it’s only in the arty type theatres and the biggest cinea (more screens to spare) so for t to be doing better than the US is pretty d*mn good.

    And now onto my list!

    1/The Rose -Always good to start at the beginning
    2/ Ruthless People – My fav of the Disney comedies ad a good contrast to The Rose
    3/ Diva Las Vas- ts pure Bette!
    4/Then She Found Me- Because I think it is Bette’s bestwork to date and for me at least, one of the only movies where The Divine has completely disappeared and all I saw was the character!

    Hopefully that would be enough to get em to sty for maybe First Wives Club and For The Boys

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