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  • Sorry that I’ve been away a day or two…just catching up with family and friends, but now I’m back from outer space and I’m glad to be home with the BetteHeads. Now, the first thing we have is from, Karen, who sent in this nice little vid tribute montage from Starstruck that I thought you’d enjoy:

  • Now my dear Katrin sent in this video that just puts a big ole shit eatin’ grin on my face. Film critic, Richard Corliss of Time Magazine talks about the 20 best concert shows to be made into films. Yep, Bette makes a great list!: Click Here
  • And if you haven’t had enough of your Katie Couric and Bette duet of Age of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In, then this is the vid for you, compliments of Katrin: Click Here
  • BetteHead Kellee was watching Spongebob the other day and came upon a Bette reference. Plankton was talking to his CPU wife and said, “Well, if it isn’t the wind beneath my wings.” The episode was “Krabs a la Mode.” That was for the Spongbob and Delores fans.

  • From the Star Bulletin in John Heckathon’s column, Sunday May 25, “What the Heck?” we have this

    Loretta Ables Sayre e-mailed the picture here with Bette Midler in Sayre’s New York dressing room. After a performance of “South Pacific,” Sayre heard a knock on her dressing room door — it was Midler. The two Radford titas (Mister D: According to Mr. Vilanch “titas” means “chicks” in Hawaiian slang – I thought it was a typo and originally posted the word as titans…my deepest apologies to the 2 titas!) talked into the night. “We were the last to leave the theater,” says Sayre.

    What did they talk about? Local food they missed and Robert Cazimero, of whom both are fond. “No wonder my ears were burning,” says Cazimero, whose latest Brothers Cazimero CD, “Destiny,” on itunes was released by Mountain Apple last week.

    Wind Beneath My Wings Art Exhibition
    May 25, 2008

    NEW YORK.-”˜Wind Beneath My Wings’ is the first international exhibition featuring paintings by award winning Australian artist, Lynda Howitt. Opening next month, Howitt’s exhibition offers New Yorkers an opportunity to experience the famed charms of the Australian landscape without leaving the city.

    Howitt is an emerging contemporary artist whose work has received critical acclaim in Australia for its richly emotive and graceful appeal. At the heart of each of Howitt’s abstract creations is a deep appreciation of her environment. Growing up in the midst of Australia’s famous beach culture, it is little wonder that Lynda’s work so movingly captures the many moods and colours of the sea and sky.

    ”˜Wind Beneath My Wings’ is inspired by Bette Midler’s heart wrenching ballad of the same name. “Midler’s lyrics carry you into your inner thoughts and feelings”, says Howitt, “The listener is moved to a new depth of feeling, diving within and soaring high above is the music rises and falls. I aim to create the same experience for those who view my work”.

    Howitt’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout Sydney and she has been the winner of a variety of industry awards. Her expansion to the international art scene is an exciting next step for this compelling new artist.

    Says Howitt “For me, being creative renews my soul, heals my spirit, and keeps my passion for life alive. I believe that art helps us to transcend the ordinary, allowing us to imagine what is possible.

    “Wing Beneath My Wings” is showing at Jadite Gallery, 413 West 50th Street, New York, from June 17 ”“ 30, 2008.

  • Katrin found this article….

    Las Vegas Review Journal
    Bette To Be Honored By Nevada Ballet
    May 24, 2008

    Colorful Bette Midler will go black and white when the Nevada Ballet Theatre honors her in January.

    Midler, who recently kicked off her extravaganza, “The Showgirl Must Go On,” at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, has been selected by the company as its Woman of the Year for the Black & White Ball at Caesars Palace on Jan. 17. She will accept the award following an evening of cocktails, dinner and entertainment.

    “Nevada Ballet Theatre is so excited to welcome Ms. Midler back to Las Vegas and honor her,” said Nancy Houssels, Nevada Ballet’s co-founder, in a statement. “I know this will be a memorable Black & White Ball.”

    The ball, a fundraiser for the ballet company, has been a mainstay on the Las Vegas social scene since 1985, honoring women who’ve made a significant impact on the performing arts.

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