Caesars Palace Sits On Goldmine With Cher And Bette

Any concerns that Celine Dion couldn’t be replaced as a marquee Las Vegas attraction have disappeared.

Cher and her Caesars Palace stablemate Bette Midler have instantly joined the list of hottest attractions in Sin City, selling out the Colosseum at Caesars Palace for every concert since the departure of Dion.

Midler opened at the Colosseum in February and Cher on May 6. Midler’s initial run was 19 dates; Cher has played 16 concerts in the 4,296-seat venue. The two shows have already grossed about $24 million in ticket sales.

Promoter AEG Live does not release specific grosses, but each sell-out generates about $700,000. Midler’s “The Showgirl Must Go On” and Cher have no comp tickets.

Cher’s opening stanza concluded Sunday and she resumes her residency Aug. 6, performing Tuesdays, Wednesdays and weekends through Oct. 5. As currently scheduled, Cher’s tally for the year will be 50 shows.

Midler is booked Tuesday through Sunday in June and July and for two weeks each in October, November and December. If no more shows are added or canceled, she will play 68 concerts in 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Sits On Goldmine With Cher And Bette

  1. hi i would really love to see bette midler, in vegas, but want to be sure i could get a ticket before i pay for the flight etc as the reason i would be going to vegas is to see bette so i would be gutted if i couldnt get a ticket. will she still be there in jan 2009 ?

  2. She’ll be playing there from Dec 30th to January 25th. Usually she has Monday and Thursdays off.

  3. Annette, Miss M has a 2-year-contract with Caesars, so she’ll stay there at least until DEC/ 2009. And if her gross figures keep coming as they are saying, I envision, a contract extend.

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