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  • Bette Midler’s official site has become officially pink…hell, I became gayer just looking at it: Click Here
  • Part of Bette Midler’s band, The Fat City Horns, wrote in about my interview with Ms. Midler’s head writer, Eric Kornfeld. Of course, they loved it, so I expect you guys to fucking read it and leave me some nice comments…it’s hard working for free, dammit!:-) Anyway, here is the email they wrote me (yes, I got their permission…I’m a professional!):
  • Hi Mister D,

    Just to let you know, we saw your feature on Eric Kornfeld and as far as we are concerned, he is the best! He is a great guy! And he manages to keep us laughing while doing his job! He deserves all the good that that comes his way.

    Nice interview! We like Eric!


    The Fat City Horns

    To read my interview with Bette’s comedy writer, Eric Kornfeld: Click Here

  • Eze from Spain sent in a Spanish version of Wind Beneath My Wings (“Here you are the Spanish version of “Wind beneath my wings”. Paloma San Basilio is a very famous singer here in Spain, she’s done several musicals like “My fair lady” amd “Victor or Victoria”, and she has a wonderful voice”) and Bottomless (“Ana Torroja is a famous singer here in Spain. She was the vocalist of “Mecano”, the most famous and wonderful group ever here in Spain. They have beautiful songs, they are classics. When they gave it up, Ana started a career by her own, and in her first album called “Puntos Cardinales” 1996, you could find this “Bottomless” Spanish version. I like it, but I have to say that I prefer Bette’s version!!!. “). We BetteHeads are very cultured, ya dig? Check these out in Same Songs, Other Voices. He also sent in the audio of WAMLAW from the Jay Leno show…so it’s in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox.
  • The Fat City Horns have agreed to do an interview with me. I have to say, I’ve slept with plenty of bands, but never interviewed them, so this should be different. If you have any thoughtful questions you’d like an answer to, leave ’em in the comments and I’ll see how it goes.
  • There will be new music up before the weekend is over and then I’m heading to Pensacola, FL to be with my family…I’m sick and tired of Nashville, so – I Gotta Get Out Of This Town (by Mister D)

Love, Mister D

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