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BLB Updates: 07-30-08

Mister D:

  • There’s a slew of new music in the BLB Jukebox. Hope you enjoy: Click Here
  • New polls are up. I am experimenting with different type of them, so please leave feedback if you like a certain style better than another. Click Here
  • BetteHead Daniel writes in that there is a new Bette forum orientated towards those living in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This is great because Bette does not have that big of a presence there. For those who are interested in joining: Click Here
  • There will be more music coming later for Same Songs, Different Voices: Click Here
  • Also I scanned a lot of pics yesterday for The Scrapbook 4 BetteHeads (Bette Gallery) You can tell what sections I posted in by the “last date posted” I think. Click Here

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Mister D

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6 thoughts on “BLB Updates: 07-30-08

  1. Hi Don!!!,

    I enjoyed everything so much!!!!, specially that wonderful “Mary” live version!!!!!!!!!, do you know when and where it was recorded?.



  2. I haven`t heard the one that is one that site, but she sang it during the Millenium Tour, so that`s probably where it was recorded. Mister D is suffering from Alzheimer too…LOL!

  3. Hi Don, I like the first style of poll best- the other two open in new windows and take forever to load on the unis crappy system. Not a huge fan of the way the results display either. Any day now I will get off my ass and mail you a version of He Was Too Good to Me by the divine Renee Geyer for same song different voices. Found it about a year ago but still haven’t managed to get it to ya!

  4. Well, so far those are my 2 favorite poll styles…I may keep looking to find something a little better.

    Take your time on the song…you know where to find me….:-)

    Love. Don

    PS: Always good to hear from you!

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