Will Bette Swim Over To The UK? (Thank you Scott)

Mister D:

There’s a possibility that Bette may take route to the UK around the release of her upcoming CD “Jackpot – The Best Bette” in order to promote it, of course. I talked with Miss M Prod and found that this bit of “info” is true in the sense that its being discussed, but so far nothing is confirmed.

So you UK’ers keep an eye and ear out for something and I’ll try to stay on top of it, too. Remember it’s just being discussed, but not confirmed yet.

What programs might she be doing over there do you think?

Love, Mister D

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13 thoughts on “Will Bette Swim Over To The UK? (Thank you Scott)

  1. I’d love her to do the Friday/ Sunday Night project with Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr. Thye both went to see Bette in Vagas, so maybe they met her and convinced her to do the show. It would be a lot of fun as Bette would host the show. Alot of big names have done it including mariah carey.

    i can only really think of maybe Jonathan Ross or Paul O’Grady. She may do Graham Norton,as he had Glenn Close once.

    I definately want to go see the taping what ever show she does 😀

  2. I agree .. her hosting the sunday night project would be fabbbb! … but i think she’ll be a guest on Loose Women at lunch time and then Richard and Judy later that day! =D god i hope its true … ill be booking tickets for loose women staright away!!

    – Sending love from England! –

    Danielle =D

  3. Wouldn’t it be camp if she was appearing in a new special of Ab Fab! Only if they were making one of course.

  4. An audience with Bette Midler would be ace!! but lets hope they dont make her mime like they did with poor ole celine 🙁

  5. She will deffo do This Morning and Loose Women,
    Maybe a chat show, But Jonathon Ross usually has actors and actresses on there and the singers dont talk,:(
    GMTV will have her maybe,
    And i hate to say it but Richard and Judy if they aren’t dead by then haha (I hate them 2 ergh)
    And Paul O’Grady,

    Where is Michael Parkinson when us Brits need him HUH?
    And i love the Audience with Bette Midler idea,
    Hey we should all E-mail ITV and the BBC n tell em to book her 🙂


  6. would be great to see her on any decent british chat show i just i hope i can get tickets to see the recording in time. we need bette over here more so we can show her how loved she is here and encourage her to do a concert here as well. over the past few years we’ve had dolly parton, cher, babara striesand and soon tina turner in manchester arena performing we just now need the best of the best to do her concert there!

  7. she might appear on X-Factor maybe?? She has contacts with Simon. It starts next saturday. They had Celine last year, so they could make way for an even bigger vegas legend!!

    Id love to see Bette perform at the MEN arena in manchester. Saw Celine there in May (amazing voice, but not half the performer Bette is!).

    I just hope i can get tickets whatever she’s on 😀

  8. I would love Bette to come to the UK and do a concert. She is far too big a talent to do the dross of “chat” shows that we have on at the moment. Parky has gone. The Sunday Night Project would be the best of a bad lot. Steer clear of Jonathan Ross as he never lets the guests speak as its all about him (apparently!, he thinks so anyway). I, too, don’t like Richard and Judy, well mostly Richard, and you just know he would talk over anything Bette has to say. Please Bette, do your UK fans the honour of performing in a live concert so that we in the UK can see what the USA are getting, or at least release a dvd of the vegas show (celine did) and then we can have that. Live show please.

  9. After seeing the Hammond show where it was pretty much a “no frills” kind of show….meaning no huge sets or costume changes, I agree with Carina. She should grace the UK with a show and do the chat circuit to promote it. She has to know there is a demand for her there…

    Love, Mister D

  10. yeah the feeling i always got from Bette, is that she thinks taht she has no demand over here, when she clearly does. The last Parky interview has got to have proved it to her. I wish she would tour. It’d would make me soooo happy 😀

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