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New Video Montage Up On Bette On The Boards

MIster D: Darrell from has put up his monthly video montage for your enjoyment along with a nicely worded request. Here’s what’s going on:

    August 2008

    Odds and Ends

    From: Various Sources
    Aired: 1972 – 1985

Dear Viewers,

I must kindly ask that you respect the videos that are on this website and not upload them to YouTube or any other on-line video sites. I would like to keep these videos low key and unique to this site. I have no problem with anyone downloading them for their own personal enjoyment, but I do have a problem with people posting them elsewhere. I try very hard to share rare and special material on this site, and it’s a real slap in my face when I come across one of these videos on YouTube with somebody else taking credit for it, and getting the thanks for it. I simply do not want these videos on YouTube, and I will kindly ask those of you who have posted them, to please remove them. If this behavior continues then I’ll have no choice but to stop sharing videos on this site – just like I had to stop sharing audio.

And to the loyal fans of this site, I hope you continue to enjoy these videos, and if you do spot them elsewhere, please take action to help keep this site unique.


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