Bette Midler Interview / Sophie-Jokes / In The Mood 1979

Mister D: This is a marinusvh upload (from the Netherlands), but not sure. I have the full version of this show somewhere, and it’s one of my favorites….enjoy:

Love, Mister D

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3 thoughts on “Bette Midler Interview / Sophie-Jokes / In The Mood 1979

  1. No that wasn´t uploaded by me (BerlinDirk) 🙂 It was uploaded by marinusvh (youtube-nick) from the Netherlands :-)I agree, that was a fab Show 🙂

    Dirk xxx

  2. I adore this interview. I first saw it on the atlantic tribute. And was trying to find the entire thing. Thank you so very much for posting!!! What would we do without you!!

  3. Well you heard it from Berlin Dirk, so thank him for the real person who uploaded. I just try to find the ones you might be entertained by…..Thanks Jill for writing in…

    Love, Mister D

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