ETD Costume For Sale On EBay

BetteHead Steve has one of Bette’s most recognizable costumes up for sale on Ebay in order to help him get to Vegas to see Miss M’s spectacular new Vegas show…I’ll let him do the talking about it while I eat my artery thickening breakfast or you can go straight to the item by clicking HERE:

The incomparable and divine Bette Midler is currently taking Las Vegas by storm with her latest endeavour, “The Showgirl Must Go On”. As a collector and fan myself I am attempting to get there and see the show for myself, unfortunately I must offer this treasure to help pay for the vacation. This is a two-piece spandex costume made exclusively for Bette Midler, and worn on television for the opening performance of “Rose’s Turn” on the 46th Annual Emmy Awards in the mid 90’s. Bette Midler donated this costume for a charity auction shortly after 1995. This costume was first worn for her 1993-1994 “Experience The Divine” tour, before it was accentuated with sequins, rhinestones, and a tassel for it’s television appearance on the Emmy Awards. As Bette has often done with her charitable donations, this costume was signed by Bette with a black sharpee(as seen in the photo) for authentication. Costume is in great condition. Paypal payment is due within FIVE days of auction close.

Here’s the link: Click Here

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