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Updates: 09-01-08

Bette sings “Superstar” from The Burt Bacharach Special, 1972

  • We have a new story from Ray Cooper, Before She Was Famous, Part II:

My favorite story about those shows is one night she was singing “Superstar” and the club had cordless microphones, which were a new thing and not that great back then. She had just started singing the song when all of a sudden a cab was near the club. You could hear over the PA system the cab driver say….

  • To read more of Mr. Cooper’s other stories, A Fan’s Perspective: Ray Cooper’s Bette Tales:
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  • I have new music in Mister D’s playlist (non-Bette related) now. I just want you all to be cultured! 🙂 : Click Here

  • is now shipping out copies of “Then She Found Me.” Order yours today!:
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  • I will be traveling to Vancouver, B.C. this week. Hope to meet some of you Canadian BetteHeads. Just give me an email.

Love, Mister D

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