Kathy Keeps Movin’ On Up To The A-List


“For no reason at all, I’m just trying to get a Grammy nomination.”

(Kareem, Kathy, Bette, and Gloria)

Remember that wonderful acknowledgment on two-time Emmy winner Kathy Griffin’s CD “For Your Consideration”? Well, great news — the gay fave may just add to her statuette bling! She got word last week that she nabbed a Best Comedy Album nod for tartly eviscerating such topics as her wine-swilling and channel-surfing mom, the “full of shit” deity that is Oprah (“It goes Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Oprah.”), and not-so-BFF Astroglide-loving Barbara Walters. We definitely see more glistening gold in your future, Kathy!

She also made a well-timed stop by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to talk about her bud and Dancing With the Stars finalist Lance Bass (“When I knew him, he was still bangin’ chicks.”) and her odd kinda-sorta feud with out comedian Ant. The comedian with the insect moniker reportedly blogged that Kathy is inflicted with an eating disorder, as evidenced by her svelte figure. Well, Kathy isn’t REALLY pissed about it; she’s actually “very excited” the rumor is out there because it just gives her street cred in La-La Land. (Would that street be Hollywood Boulevard?)

And she told Jay that there will be a flurry of guests popping up on season 5 of her Bravo reality show, My Life on the D-List — which begins production next month — including none other than the divine Bette Midler, who will hit the first episode of the new season. (Watch for more Kathy on the tube this week, as she’s scheduled to drop by for some late night chit-chat on Last Call With Carson Daly Friday night.)

Meanwhile, E! columnist Marc Malkin reported that Kathy’s is (still) in the doghouse as far as Clay Aiken — a.k.a. “Gayken” in Kathy’s standup routines — is concerned. He supposedly still holds a grudge because she used his once-hidden gayness as fodder for laughs. Oh, Clay. Being friends with Rosie O’Donnell hasn’t gotten you very far — just a spot on that awful variety show two weeks ago. So maybe you need to kiss and make up with Kathy because she’s a whole lot closer to A-list these days and could do wonders for your career when Spamalot’s Broadway run closes next month.

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