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Those Perezky Rumours – Just Thoughts

  • So out of 100 days, 4 of those days, she didn’t do so well? Time to close down? Wow, now that’s a tougher gig than most people have.
  • Don’t most people just get News Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Off? That’s the way it is for most of the people I know. But not a whole week Could be wrong. Still her numbers for the year are good.

  • Aren’t we in a depression, recession, or some “sion?” Whatever it is, it hasn’t been pleasant for anyone, yet for most of the year Bette, Cher, and Elton brought plenty of us a lot of joy and Caesar’s a lot of money. Bette seemed to be doing the job the 5 days we’re talking about….maybe not sellout wise. Not every show has to be a sellout to be a winner….just ask Cher and Elton. Not all of there’s were.
  • Most stars who don’t see enough ticket sales will cancel their show for the night. Bette has had not one cancellation. I believe the only cancellations this year have been from Cher, but I believe that was for illness, if I’m correct.
  • If you read Mister P’s column close enough, you may deduct that his source is corporate. That’s what I surmise. What’s the problem dude? Is it personal. If you dig just a little ahead the sellouts are coming again in January. I don’t mean to be the first to give Perez a break, but we went thru this with Celine, do you really expect us to go along with this bullshit with America’s beloved and adored Miss M, Bette Midler? Don’t Bet On It!

Love, Mister D

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26 thoughts on “Those Perezky Rumours – Just Thoughts

  1. Thank you sooo much for posting this!
    I saw his ridiculous post today and freaked out.
    I can’t stand him!! He’s such a jerk. haha
    Anyway, I love that you said something about it. I wanted to, but wasn’t sure what to say.
    This is perfect! 🙂

  2. thank you! i saw his little rant and the stupid drawing he does on the pictures and i was like pssh watchu talkin bout willis bette is doing better than fine…she’s doing DIVINE!!!

  3. I’ve been collecting both of Cher’s and Bette Midler’s concert boxscores from the beginning and Cher has sold out 99.2% of all her tickets. Bette on the other hand has sold 90% of her tickets which is more than I personally expected. She has sold more than 250,000 tickets over the past 70 shows!! The average gross per week so far is $2.7m!! Way To Go Bette!!

  4. Weren’t ticket sales expected to drop during the holidays? Perez can be such an ass!

    Thanks Mr. D for the response!!

  5. I just saw Bette on Friday night, January 2, and the Colosseum sure looked like a sell-out to me. I didn’t see any empty seats in the front or rear orchestra, and if there were any empty seats in the mezzanine, they must have been way to the sides or at the very top rows. If it wasn’t a sell-out, it had to be very, very close. I honestly didn’t see any empty seats.

    I also went to the box office to see what type of seats were available for future shows, and it seemed like all the good seating (yes I know, they’re all good seats!) were already sold out.

    Go Bette!

  6. Another thought. Isn’t Bette’s venue significantly larger than most in Las Vegas? It must be more difficult to sell out when you have to sell 2x the seats.

  7. Oh, one more thing (sorry). While I was in Vegas, I hit just about every casino on the strip, and almost all of them offer 1/2 price seats starting at around 4 p.m.

    I checked the shows that were “on sale” or discounted due to slow sales, and Bette was NEVER on sale or discounted. I have to admit, quite a few shows in Vegas weren’t doing very well, but I didn’t see any discounts or sales for Bette, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia (just closed last Sunday after 6 years), Manilow, or even Donny & Marie. It seems like the higher profile were doing well.

  8. Wow! Thanks for the stats Jayson! I honestly didn’t think Bette would do this well…I’m not saying she is a bad singer/performer. It’s because everyone where I’m from doesn’t think highly of Bette (except me of course). I just hope if Bette finds out about what Perez said, she knows that she has fans that will stand by her no matter how she is doing or what others say about her.

  9. Well, I’ll tell you this: (and viewer discretion is advised…)

    I don’t visit that tubby little pole-smoker’s site because all that I see is some sad insecure little faglet that got pushed around on the playground a lot and found a fortune Microsoft-painting cum-dribble on celebrities faces.

    Suddenly he is (or shall I say, WAS…) somebody. Then I peek into the other Bette-related columns and realize that his readership is comprised mostly of hate-filled nobody’s who are just as quick to rip down a person in fun and for the sake of it.

    Listen: My blogs are pop-culture related (mostly) and are vile and hateful and rotten…it’s a living. But these people are just fucking STUPID about the way they go about “humor”. C’mon! Bette was a champion of a roasted put-down. I hope that in some way I mirror that. But these assholes just like kicking a dead dog! Is just WRONG the way these retards act.

    At any rate, thank you for reminding me why I have avoided Perez Hilton’s slop for so long and why I will never return. Ever. It’s such wasted fucking time.

    Having said that, Perez better enjoy the last twenty seconds of his fifteen minutes of fame (because that’s about how much time his twelve hour bra has left before it also expires!). Perez= Spice Girls. (Hot for a hot minute and culturally dead faster than Jon Benet!)

    Your Favorite Demi-Blonde,

    The Divine Grace

  10. You go Don! And to Jayson, Bette has done more shows than Cher, the stats would have probably have been the other way round if it was Bette that would have been ill and not Cher.

  11. Yes it’s one of the bigger venues. Corporate thinking goes that the bigger the name the sellout will come. That, however, is not always true for any act that has played there….good times or bad. Bette has sold out the majority of the time which is what they want. Whomever is complaining, an insider, is doing a smear campaign for personal reasons only….

  12. Thank you RJG….that’s kind of what I’m hearing. Maybe they wanted Bette to decrease prices and she wouldn’t….so we get the smear job from inside….

  13. Celine never sold out every show! They say she did, but she didn’t, it’s virtually impossible. Perez hates her too, so he probably said a lot of nasty things about her her show too!!

  14. All in all, I thin this will go away. Quit visiting the Pink one’s site. Don’t give him the pleasure. This is how he makes his living. Not on my Bette however….

  15. Jonathan Booth, what you said about Celine Dion not selling out is quite true! I collected her boxscores from 2003-2007 and she only sold out 74% of all her shows! Bette is doing BETTEr than Celine. Besides Bette’s prices and more expensive than Celine’s and the venue has 148 more seats than before (4,148-4,296). Also when the mid-year top tours were announced Bette was not on the list, but it stated that she had grossed more than Celine at that time of the year per show!!

  16. Glad we have a numbers person in here. I just read recently that Caesar’s is courting Ms. Dion again about coming back. I hope it has nothing to do with that. But if it has to do with money I guess it wouldn’t.

  17. When I saw his comment yesterday, I had to laugh to myself. The main reason being…when I saw Bette back over the July 4th weekend, Perez was there the same night. I even got my picture with him (sorry he was the only ‘celebrity’ I saw in public the entire weekend). Then after he went to see Cher, he posted about how much better she was than Bette, mainly b/c Cher has more radio hits than Bette so he knew more songs. I’ve seen Cher a zillion times, never in Vegas, but from what I can tell, it’s quite similar to her “Farewell Tour” that she did. Yes, it is a good show, but she defientely doesn’t have to work as hard as Bette and it’s a concert. Bette, on the other hand, sings, dances, jokes, etc. So to me, it’s apples and oranges, in a way.
    Anywho, I digress, but just found it funny how the same person can love and admire someone one day, and then tear them down the next without any real reason.

  18. Missy,

    I know precisely what you mean. I went to Cher’s concert, and I like her, but I have always thought of Cher and Bette as apples and oranges. Obviously Mr. P doesn’t. I just refuse to say his name….glad he likes to sing, I guess.

  19. I was in Vegas for New Years and hung out at the Colosseum on the evening of Dec. 30th. Sure looked like it was sell-out to me…and if it wasn’t, it was DAMN close!

  20. I’m very protective of Bette and went to his site to see the post. Normally I NEVER read the comments to his posts because the people leaving comments are incredibly nasty but I found the majority of comments to his post about Bette were actually positive. Of course there are the one or two that are out of line, but for the most part, people love Bette Midler.

    ps. I love that we all have to come to and bounce our ideas and thoughts off of one another 🙂

  21. Hello??? A lot of people in the world are worring about their fucking jobs! Internet trash…next! 😛

    Don, I`ll try to call you on the weekend…I`m glad I went to the zen temple. It seems you`ll have to come see me sometime…:-) Love you. You brazilian trouble maker, Cris. 😛

  22. He’s a fat spotty ugly piece of shit!!!!!

    [im not normally like this but come on it bette =) lol]

    … but jeez he’s a huge fat waste of space, he can’t get famous so tries by slagging of people he will never compare too!!!



  23. I was reading a Celine forum last week and some were discussing Celine’s possible return to Vegas and how Caesar’s was clearly wanting her back because only she can bring in the money. And how nobody is paying to see Bette perform or something like it…

    I knew that couldn’t be right because everytime I looked at the January shows last month, only the “crap” seats appeared to be available on those that were even still selling seats. So I’m so glad to read here that she is doing awesome!!!

    Got tix to see her again on April 4 and I cannot wait!!

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