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Celine Headed Back to Caesar’s

Fox News
Roger Friedman
January 15, 2009

Meanwhile, another Columbia artist is about to return to the scene of her greatest victory. I’m told that Celine Dion will go back to Caesar’s Palace next spring, joining the rotation of Cher, Elton John, and Bette Midler. The theater was built for Celine in the first place, but she’s been off on tour around the world.

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20 thoughts on “Celine Headed Back to Caesar’s

  1. I don’t know Jamie Lee. I heard Elton was leaving this Spring and Celine wanted to come back next year, so all of this just has my head spinning. Plus I heard that they were looking for someone to take Elton’s place for the rest of his shows this year….spin spin spin….

  2. will bette be playing in july? i’m planning a trip over to las vegas again sometime in july but i don’t want to book anything until i know when bette will be playing there this summer, i love the US, especially Las vegas but i’m not missing the chance to see bette’s showgirl concert again, it was excellent las year but from what i’ve read it sounds like it’s got better! need to see that for myself! ;o)

  3. Right now the schedule has not been worked out. I’m pretty sure Elton is leaving and someone else will be coming in, so a schedule is probably being hatched out as we speak. Don’t make reservations yet….D

  4. No matter what Celine should stay away from las vegas for at least 5 years. Also Bette will be extending her trek well into 2010 because she is unable to perform the remaining shows in vegas without performing each week from June-Dec. also Cher is guaranteed to perform 50-75 shows a year to give Bette a moment of rest. It’s usually 4 weeks on 4 weeks off for the two. Bette only performed 4 shows the week of the 9th and only grossed $1mUS-with no sellouts!!

  5. It would be nice for Celine to go in as well, casue i love her!! But i think it’s just at rumour stage atm. She’s on a world tour, and she wants to have another baby afterwards, so she’ll need at least another year. I could see her coming back in the future, but not until Bette will have gone.

  6. Ok- Cher is signed for 200 shows over 3 yrs. she performed 42 last year and has plotted out another 35 shows this year. Elton, since 04, played 50+ shows a year. Inorder for Cher to fulfill her contract she has to perform 75+ shows over the next 2 years (09/10)
    Now dates for all shows at the Palace end in mid may-ish. Bette only performed 67 shows last year. Inorder for her to fulfill her 2 year 200 show contract she will have to perform 133 shows this year alone. she now has 27 shows planned until early April. Inorder for Bette to perform all 133 shows she has to perform 5 shows/week every week(starting june 1 and end Dec 31) to fulfill her contract. Now as I said about Cher performing 50-75 shows a year it will be impossible for Bette to perform the remainder 130+ shows this year therefore she will need to extend the show til the end of 2010.

  7. That makes more sense, but whether it’s accurate I don’t know. I could swear that Bette played more than 67 shows this year, but I could be wrong.

    Also Cher was signed to do 4 shows per week originally, not 5 like Bette. With the new economy, I do believe some new contracts were written up which may carry Bette into part of 2010 but there will be space enough between her gigs to give her plenty of rest.

    Thanks for all the info…

  8. Jaison, I don’t think those contracts have all details written in stone. I believe they work with options that can be taken by Caesars or not. For example: If The Divine One is not doing well regarding ticket sales, Caesars can cancel many of her shows and put someone else in her place. I’ve been worried about The Showgirl sales lately. Caesars better present its calendar soon; I’m also planning a trip to se Miss M.

    If Celine does go back this or next year, it will be proof of her huge power to attract people to Caesars by herself (Remember: she didn’t share The Colosseum booking with other artists, she was there alone in a constant basis!). Very impressive after 5 years of being resident entertainer. I still hope Bette can stay as long as Dion.

  9. If Celine goes back, I don’t think she wants to carry the whole palace again. She keeps talking about having more children and raising a family. So if she goes back, it’s as a team player Plus she’ll have to come up with a new show, not a New Day…

    As for your worries about Bette, she is doing just fine. What you heard was a smear campaign…very common and very effective….watch The Children’s Hour and then promise not to be a part of the masses that fall for it. All the performers on that billboard have had non-sellouts. Some would cancel, but Bette’s personal policy is never cancel….how’s that for principle. However this might piss some corporate people off….people could be gambling….or maybe not. But you have to wonder why a successful show was so viciously attacked. Try to find the movie and find the parallels….

    Love, Don

  10. Mr. D, isn’t The Children’s Hour that film with Audrey and Shirley about supposedly gay school teachers? I saw it ages ago. I really would like to see it again, it’s a good movie.

    On The Showgirl smear campaign: I didn’t got the scop of it. Was it really big?!

    Mr. D, have you seen Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity? If yes, how did you like it?

  11. Yes, you’re right Marcos. Very good. You pass and may now move forward to Gay 201….LOL

    It wasn’t that bad. The people that read his column wouldn’t be the type to go see Bette anyway.

    Did not see that show…maybe next time….

    Love, D

  12. we want Bette not Celine lol but its nice though,
    i hope bette stays till 2010 hehe they told me at ceasers ( i was there in march 2008) that she had a contract for two years but if bette wanted they could extend her contract for one or for two years more so i hope that bette would do that 🙂

    love, Mandy

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