Bette Midler – AIDS Benefit – In My Life (Thanks Mama Midler)

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4 thoughts on “Bette Midler – AIDS Benefit – In My Life (Thanks Mama Midler)

  1. wow, thanks for this video, being waiting to see this for ages,
    It looks like it was filmed by someone with a video camara, good quality.
    I’m sure the green dress Bette is wearing is the dress from “For The Boys”, where Eddie+Dixie are in Japan for christmas

  2. Bette, you are such a good performer. I loved you in Outrageous Fortune and The First Wives Club. I am twelve years old and I am Jewish. I am working on my Bat-Mitzvah. I go to the City Congregation for Humanistic Jews. I am part of a Bat- Mitzvah program and in the program we have to choose a Hero or Role Model. You are my Role model. I am also a performer. I dance Ballet, Flamenco, Modern, and Pointe. I dance at Ballet Hispanico.
    – Georgia Dahill- Fuchel

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