Bette Has Dinner With Nia Vardalos and John Stamos

Mister D: I think the video is a little invasive, but every star video I see looks like this…so I guess it comes with the territory. Bette seems to have kept hers tamer than than the usual suspects. And to that one goober….It’s “Dancing On Ice”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder rumors get started….

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Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) had dinner with John Stamos and Bette Midler which makes me wonder if the trio are doing a movie tongether and that is why they broke bread? I mean John Stamos and Better Midler seem like such an odd pairing. But how hot would it be if they did a movie together where she was a Jewish-Mother Cougar dating a sexy Greek Stallion Cub played by Stamos!!! They could be so cute together, just look how sweet they look in those pictures.

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24 thoughts on “Bette Has Dinner With Nia Vardalos and John Stamos

  1. She’s very classy. Although, I don’t know why John Stamos made Bette go first rather than be her human shield.

    John Stamos can be my human shield any day!

  2. Aww, poor Bette and she just sat there and smiled, i guess thats the price you pay for being famous but jeez, its awful, but she handled it well, most celebs would have swore at em, infact i was kinda hoping she would but i knew she wouldn’t LOL

  3. It’s kind of a double edge sword because we (I) like seeing her in these “real-life” situations but at the same time I hate to see her life interrupted by invasive paparazzi that are not true fans of hers.

    Forgive me for asking but what is with the jeans and baggy white T, Miss M? I don’t know much about Orso-is it a casual restaurant? (I love her just as much as you all do so don’t hate me for bringing up the attire..just an observation)

  4. I remember after seeing one of Bette’s concerts, going to a Denny’s restaurant after the show for a late-night snack. There were a few of us in our “group”, and we spent the night talking about how wonderful the show was, and Bette’s terrific performance. [This was over 20 years ago]

    Well, lo and behold, Bette had also entered the Denny’s after we were seated, with a few band members, and heard everything we had to say about the show (all good, of course).

    However, hearing 5 or 6 six of us talk about her performance and the show, really unnerved her, and she let the server know that she could hear our entire conversation, and it made her a bit uncomfortable. Thank God, we love her and her performance was incredible, but the “reality” of the situation ended up being awkward for both tables.

    She was very classy about it, though, and as much as we wanted to interrupt her dinner to ask for autographs, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. We knew that interrupting someone famous while they’re eating is considered kind of “sacred”, and had to respect Bette’s privacy at that moment. I’ve heard her comment before about being left alone while eating, so as they say, timing is everything.

    Next, people will be asking for autographs while they’re in the bathroom, taking care of business…..

  5. she looks soooo beautiful even if she was just wearing casual clothes. such a fabulous and classy woman. it would be nice to see her and nia work together. i’m sure nia is a big fan of bette!

  6. I was looking at something and it said that John has been picked up for next season of Dancing With the Stars. I think he was asking if she was going to be on it…sense John is.
    But, she cant be, beacuse she’s in Veags at the time the show airs.
    I dont know.

  7. I cannot believe she would stand there and let ANYONE judge her….he may have asked but that answer was probably “no.” Maybe he was asking her to perform or something.

  8. My goodness Don! Calm yourself. That would be cool if she did do dancing with the stars cuz I could see her on tv more. But lets face it…she is getting older. She is my grandmother’s age and I could not see her dancing at all. If she is doing a movie…FABULOUS!!!

    I can’t believe how disrespectful people are to celebrities. Especially Bette cuz I love her. To have your life on film has to difficult. I love your story RJGinCA!!! I’m jealous. Just to have her acknowledge me would be an honor.

  9. i have no idea.
    But i would not like seeing her on Dancing with the Stars. She’s so much better then that. The Celbs on that show get on my nerves most of the time.
    Perhaps a movie??
    something up their sleves??
    Its anybodys guess.

  10. Look how strong and chic she is, but hey where are her people?
    Brrr dancing with the stars, please no. JS is on the phone while beïng with Bette(?!) and the way she waves her arms in the restaurant strikes me as if she isn’t agreeïng with whatever it maybe they are talking about….XXX Linda(L/DD)

  11. Why Bette Won’t Do Dancing With The Stars?

    1. It’s usually B-D List celebrities that do the show. Not icons.

    2. Bette is an icon

    3. These are usually for people trying to make a comeback. Bette’s not trying to make a comeback

    4. No disrepsect to the people who do the show or watch it, but I find it just extremely tacky. I don’t know why, it’s just in my blood. Maybe it’s because when I used to date girls I had two that made me go to dance lessons

    5. Bette hates to read any criticism about herself or much of anything about herself so how do you think she’s going to get up there with people flashing numbers at her rating the performance she just gave.

    6. Not going to happen.

    She may perform on the show, but I doubt you’ll see her as a contestant.

    Love. D

  12. I have met 2 of the three of these people, and the third (Nia) I ADORE! If they did a movie together, I would wet myself!

  13. and, as much as i hate the notion of her doing dancing with the stars or anything of the like, i wouldn’t mind seeing her on my tv (in my living room) every week!!

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