A Fan’s Perspective: LAS VEGAS, NEW YEAR’S EVE/DAY, 1999-2000

by Ray Cooper

The last time I saw Bette perform was November 30, 1999 in Houston and I would head back to Dallas the next day, December 1st., Bette’s birthday.

In Houston my seat was down on the floor and I was too afraid to use my camera in the arena, they were taking cameras from anyone that took pictures during the show. This is a photo a friend took that night in Houston when they brought out Bette’s birthday cake on stage.

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10 thoughts on “A Fan’s Perspective: LAS VEGAS, NEW YEAR’S EVE/DAY, 1999-2000

  1. Poor Dave…I guess just being backstage is enough sometimes huh? Lol Can’t wait for the next story…keep ’em coming!

  2. WOW! I thought I was the only Bette fan staying at the MGM that evening. I was scared Streisand fans would find out and hunt me down in my room! lol
    Great story Ray, wish I made it as far as you did. (=

  3. Hello!

    I would like to thank everyone that has made a comment about my Bette stories!

    So, glad that you are enjoy them!
    It’s been a lot of fun over the years being a Bette Fan.

    A special thanks to, Amanda, Jamie Lee, EZE, Molly and Crystal, wish we knew each other back in 1999.
    Dave and I loved the MGM and played in a lot slot touraments there for (1994-2003) years.

    Thank you, very much!!
    Ray Cooper

  4. i loved it. And the pictures are amazing, i really enjoy reading all of them over and they make me smile each time 😀

  5. I saw Bette’s New Years Eve show in San Francisco at the Civic Center and went to the party after.
    This was the show that not only included Sophie’s premire on stage but special guest Patti Labelle.
    Being on the first row we could see Bette in the wings loving Patti as whe sang “Over the Rainbow”.
    At the afterparty Bette went on about how Babs was openig the new MGM Grand. She said the toliets and showers at the hotel did not even work, and a few other things about Babs. She introduced me to the late Joe Layton, Martin, Sophie, and Patti. I was truely a night to remember. She said whs was much happier being in San Francisco than in Vegas where Babs had to cover the entire floor seeting area with carpet. There was alos some other dishing which to be honest is something I think I and Bette would prefer stay secret. Let’s just say Bette was happy she wasn’t Babs.

  6. Hi! Rich,

    I lived in SF from 1965-early 1967, I lived on Jefferson in the Marina, Ord st. and Church st.
    Always, miss SF!
    Yes, I did not tell all about Babs in my story, only the parts I thought eveyone maybe had heard before.
    I’m from Detroit and Babs got her start there at a club downtown.
    When she appeared on The Tonight Show in 1968, Johnny said, from her club dates in Detroit here’s Babs.
    I loved her singing back in the early days, but after hearing all the bad things about her, I’m not a fan.
    Thanks, for sharing your story.
    A night with Bette and family.
    Ray Cooper

  7. WOW! That brought back lots of memories from that tour. My partner and I went to see her in St Louis on November of 1999. I heard so much about the New Years Eve/Day show and wished that we would have been at that one too! We’ve seen Bette one other time since then in OKC is 2004 and Can’t wait to see her Vegas!!!! Thanx for the pics! They were great!

  8. Wow, thanks for the stories and the shoutout Ray! lol It’s cool hear stories about people meeting Bette and what she would be like in person. I know and have talked to so many people who have met her, so hopefully i’ll get my chance someday. lol My aunt, last year the night before the show opened, got to sing WBMW with Bette at a party. She said it was the best thing EVER! And i’ve gotten to talk with Shayna steele, Kamilah Marshall, and Bette Sussman through myspace. They watched my singing videos and told me i had a great voice. YAY!!! I was sooooo excited and couldn’t stop talking about it! haha Anyway, thanks again for the stories and keep ’em coming! (My favorite so far was Divine Miss Millenium, because of the pictures of her and the fans. That one woman looked like she was gonna faint when bette touched her hand. lol Priceless. That would be me. HA!) Right, so before this turns into a novel, i’m gonna go. Thanks again!

  9. Don’t thank us, Ray! We should be thanking you! These stories are incredible. Every time I read them I feel a knot of jealousy in my stomach. Kinda makes me want to throw up sometimes but I still LOVE reading these. Please keep them coming! I always look forward to reading them.

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