Bette Midler and Meryl Streep are both vying for the leading role

Mister D: About this “Brodkin” piece. Something about this piece smacks of satire or of an April Fool’s joke the more I read it. Gus wanting to make a movie after Milk called Gavin, then Brodkin about a children’s advocate who hopes Bette gets the part because she admires how Bette swears like a sailor…something is fishy about it. I wrote in to Miss M’s company to verify…I’ll print the answer if I get one back….
Fallout after Milk director Van Sant reveals next City Hall-based film project
April 2, 1:52 PM · Add a Comment
Yesterday’s (that’s 4/1) news from Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth:


Gus Van Sant, Director of the critically-acclaimed documentary “Milk”, publicly announced this week his plans to begin production of a new documentary, entitled “Brodkin”. The new film will focus on Margaret Brodkin, the former Director of San Francisco City Hall’s Department of Children, Youth and Families, who sparked Van Sant’s interest because of her work on the creation of the nationally-recognized Children’s Fund. Van Sant expressed that he has been considering her a subject for several months and had been in conversation with Brodkin and others within the San Francisco political scene, as he conducted preliminary research.

An unnamed source from the Mayor’s Office said that Newsom was told of Van Sant’s intentions in January and was outraged, since his political consultant Eric Jaye had been lobbying Van Sant for some time to produce a film entitled, “Gavin”. The source shared that while Newsom had had disagreements with Brodkin for some time, it was this news that really led to her dismissal as the Director of DCYF in early February.

“I am just so excited that the Children’s Fund will finally get the respect it deserves,” said Brodkin. “It is fantastic to be recognized!” She would not comment on whether the controversy around the documentary had any relationship to the Mayor dismissing her from DCYF. She did say, however, that “I know Bette Midler and Meryl Streep are both vying for the leading role, and I really hope Bette gets it, because I really admire how she cusses like a sailor.”

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6 thoughts on “Bette Midler and Meryl Streep are both vying for the leading role

  1. OH MY GOD!!!! How amazing would it be if Bette actually got to do this film?!?!? If there is a God he would make sure Bette got this part.

  2. Speaking for Bette is that the real Brodkin does look a bit like her, so this might be a plus. Plus, van Sant might be a Bettehead (I guess he could be one).
    On the other hand, Meryl is still a bankable movie star, so it might depend on how big of a picture this is going to be.
    One more thing: Brodkin was born in 1965…go figure… and Meryl is younger…
    Anyway, I’m just thrilled to read Bette’s name in what could be a great project — these are the parts I wanna see her do!

  3. i’ve no idea who brodkin is! but bette easily looks like she was born in 1965! if not later! she looks fantastic! i do like meryl as an actress but it’s about time she took a week off making films and let bette have a chance.

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