2 Questions With KG

TVGuide.com: In the premiere, you make a cameo in Bette Midler‘s Vegas show. What was that like?

Kathy Griffin: I actually got an email from her today! I did hoodwink her into being on the D-List. She basically said come out and make a joke or say whatever you want. At first she wanted me to do 10 minutes, and I said, “No, no. That doesn’t make sense that you’re in the middle of your gigantic production and I just come out and tell Lindsay Lohan stories.” So they came up with this little thing for me to do.

TVGuide.com: Which was to recycle the joke you said on New Year’s Eve that made Anderson Cooper blush?

Griffin: It was one of my great lines, but not a line that I wrote. I can’t take credit for writing, “I don’t go to your job and knock the d–ks out of your mouth.” But I think I know exactly where to use it – which is on CNN or in a Bette Midler show.

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