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July 17, 2009

Las Vegas has Broadway, Cirque (both Cirque du Soleil and the Franco Dragone created Le Reve), Comedy, Headliners (Recurring), Magic and Topless production shows. Usually Headliners are 1 night only but Vegas has recurring Headliners who appear at the same venue.

The top 3 shows in Vegas are O, Bette Midler and Jersey Boys.
Jersey Boys and Phantom! (Phantom of the Opera) are highly recommended for fans of Broadway type shows. The production values of Phantom are the best of any production but it has been shortened for Vegas. Jersey Boys is a top musical but is available in other cities.

Acrobatics, moody music, non-story line plots and unique costuming and staging characterize the Cirque type of shows. Franco Dragone left Cirque du Soleil to work independently and created Le Reve.

These are across the board, the best shows in Vegas. Of these we recommend O, Mystere, KA the highest with Love just a shade below the top 3 and Le Reve below Love. The new Believe is not recommended as it does not showcase Criss Angel’s considerable talent.

Within Comedy there are 4 sub-categories: Stand-Up, Impressionists, Other, and Comedy Clubs. We rank Carrot Top the best with Vinnie Favorito, Rita Rudner, and George Wallace top acts.

The loss of Danny Gans leaves Gordie Brown and Terry Fator the top impressionists with Tom Stevens, Larry G. Jones and Rich Natole skilled at their craft as well. Fator is a gifted ventriloquist and mimic.

In the Other Comedy category, Blue Man Group’s non-verbal gags are highly recommended with Mac King a top afternoon show. Vegas has 5 comedy clubs but the quality varies significantly with the act that particular night.

The recurring Headliners have the best production values and major names although figuring out their schedule is not easy. Of these Bette Midler is a bit better show due to her humor. Cher and Barry Manilow are excellent acts with Elton John no longer in a rotation with Midler and Cher.

Lance Burton is the top magic show in Vegas with a blend of both large tricks and close-up (which requires great skills). For the comedy/magic, both Mac King and Penn and Teller shine. Eventually Believe may become a great show but for now it is not suggested.

Most Topless shows are small productions, sometimes with lip synching. However, Jubilee is a top production value show that is very old fashioned Vegas. Peepshow is a bit better than other topless shows with Zumanity an edgy and funny Cirque production.

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