That “Mutha” Package

ON THE BOULEVARD: Bette Midler is offering fans a package that includes a front-row seat to her “The Showgirl Must Go On” show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, a couple drinks, autographs and an opportunity to meet her backstage. The price? $1,000.

That might seem like a lot, but for years swells have been paying much more for photo opportunities with high-ranking politicians who don’t entertain and can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

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25 thoughts on “That “Mutha” Package

  1. so Mr. D do you think it is a good deal? Like do you think this is a good price for this package or we should by pass it?

  2. Well, you get an escort into the building , a ticket front row, 2 free drinks, a program autographed by Miss M, and a photo…..I’d say it’s not bad if you have that kind of money laying around, plus I bet most of the money goes to charity (hers) which is good. If I had a 1000 laying around, I’d do it….but I don’t…

  3. i booked my tickets a months ago and that option wasnt available… i would have paid that… im flying all the way from australia as i didnt get tickets when she came over and did her kiss my brass tour… im so sad i love bette xo

    1. If you haven’t gotten there yet and it falls within that time period…ask if you can upgrade your tickets to the Mutha package….it can’t hurt

  4. Yeah do that, im sure they can upgrade it, i mean u want to give them money, not take money from them. If they upgraded me from a 50 dollars ticket to a 250 dollars ticket, for free, i dont see why they wouldnt upgrade urs.
    I think i am buying my ticket next week, i mean how many times in this life will i be able to actually meet her ?

  5. i bought my tickets through they dont even tell me what seats i have… all i know is that im somewhere in the front orch section… i find out what seats i have the day of the concert when i pick them up…

    and its only through ticket master u can get the mutha package… gggrrr so im thinking vegas and tickmaster are too different companies selling the tickets… yeh im going to the 11th august show… maybe i should just buy her 12 august show too and get the mutha package… she is worth it

  6. I did it yaya. I’m a smug mutha. lol I’m going to meet Bette yay. omg I am so excited. I hope she is as lovely as I imagine her to be. I hope I don’t “Queen” out on her, as Kathy says. lol

  7. yeh i couldnt upgrade the tickets… so i just ended up buying the mutha package for the next night… omg im so excited… the package is very vip… when you pick your tickets they have either bob or bruce escort you to your seat… then bettes personal assitant comes out and greets you… gives you a program and makes your ok… im so excited…

    my mum made me a bette midler cake when i was for my 12th bday… that was like 13 years ago now… im gonna print bette a copy and give it to her… yay

    1. Congrats…I think she likes homemade stuff alot and old photos….and if any of you get flabbergasted tell her Don from Bootlegbetty says hello, too…

  8. I hope they keep offering this package because i bought a ticket for november and i would definitely without even having to think about it upgrade my $250 ticket for a lifelong dream of a chance to meet Bette!

  9. i know i´m asking too much haha…but you know a lot of things and rumors Don, so i will give it a try…do you think that a package like that would be available for february or january?

  10. Hey gang, Bryston..if you’re still around, how did you book your tickets for the package?
    I’m in Sydney, and can’t seem to get them.

    From the Ticketmaster website, for the smug mutha package, there’s only a willcall US customers option for delivery, no others (which is fine, cause you pick them up in person). But when I got to pay, it requires I have a US billing address the same as my credit card, and there is no way of changing to Oz.

    I called tickmaster, twice, they couldn’t help, however they told me to call the box office, the box office then told me that I could only get them through ticketmaster…arrggghhh!

    Anyone got any ideas?

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