The Rose Theatre Production: Three Shows Left (Kansas City)

From Spencer
We’ve had such a thrill with this ‘alternative theatre’ production this summer and we appreciate all of you who have joined the group here, followed the show, and most importantly to all of you who have come to the shows (quite a few of which are also repeat offenders!).

If you haven’t seen the show, last night’s audience was filled to capacity with over 100 seats! We want to make sure that you get your ticket in advance so that you’re not left squished somewhere in the back!

This Friday is FIRST FRIDAY in the Crossroads for “THE ROSE” so we’re anticipating quite the eclectic crowd!

If you saw the show and liked it -tell your friends! Come again!
If you saw the show and you didn’t like it -tell people you don’t like to come see it!

From Mister D: I am so there!!! August 8th, 2009 See ya Spence!!

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