Mihai’s “Mutha” Experience

“This is my Divine encounter with Miss M.

When i got to the Collosseum, Bruce, the manager took me to get my “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” drink, which was delicious. I recommend it to you all. I was seated next to a nice lady, who had seen Bette at Caesars before, but in 1976. She was a great company.

After the show, we were taken to the Green Room, where Kathy Griffin waited for Bette as well. There was Rita Rudner, also waiting for Bette along with her posse. We were told that Bette is doing a CBS interview and that she would be there shortly.

She finally came with Marty, her tour manager and was introduced to us ( like she needed it ), and then she took pics, with the other fan and signed her a personalized autograph on the 1976 program ( so if u want a personalized signature bring something u have, cos the one on the program is a pre signed thing ) and then it was my turn. I gave her the letter I wrote for her and then we had a little chit chat. She told me she was preparing something for next year for Europe. We hugged and had the best of times ( or at least i did ). Then i had to leave.

I mentioned you Don and that you said hi, and she told me how sweet and they think of you often. She checked your blog a few days ago and that she says hello.” 🙂 Bette immediately knew who I was talking about, and let’s be honest. No matter how divine you are, you cant resist not to google yourself. If i had a blog I’d be there all day long 🙂

The box office manager told me, that Bette was supposed to shoot the show this month, but nothing is scheduled yet, so he isnt sure they will release a DVD. And he told me that Celine might come back after Bette is done with her contract.

It was worth it. I still cant believe it. I look at the pic… and still cant believe it”

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23 thoughts on “Mihai’s “Mutha” Experience

  1. Celine will have a baby by may 2010. So I doubt she is coming back to Caesars in the first months of 2010.

    My God, does anyone think that Miss M is closing Showgirl by the end of 2009?!

  2. Hey, how did you pick up the picture after you took it Mihai? Did they send it to you or did you have to pick it up at the box office or something.

    1. Until he answers….he told me they emailed him the photo the next day and will mail the paper one this week….

  3. By the end of November Bette would have performed 150 shows in Las Vegas, out of 200. I predict that she will be announcing another leg of the show from the END of December (For New Years) and that it will be 4.5 weeks long, or about 19-20 shows. Cher will then come in, in late January with shows going into February. Then by late February-early March more Bette shows with about 4 or 5 weeks. This will not conclude her show, but she will be back one final time around May and June for her final run, or she may play until the end of the year and finish sometime in December. All shows are announced 4 months in advanced.

    1. Thanks for keeping up with days Jayson. I’m pretty sure I was told she’d be playing the month of February. Could it work somehow like that?

  4. OMG! Well done you and thanks for the info! Bette In Europe! Arghhh! Hopefully this includes London! *too many exalmation marks in this message!*

  5. On Facebook, on Bette’s offical page for the Showgirl Must Go On, someone asked if Bette would being doing shows in 2010, and Bette replied that she will do dates in 2010 onces they have made up a schedule, because it seems that both Bette, and Cher will be busy with their own projests. Bette-Europe and Cher-filming.

  6. Yes the manager told me Bette will be there in 2010 too, till spring. But he didnt give me an exact date.

    *Michael* this was on August 18th. This past tuesday

  7. HI Don, love this piece, how sweet Bette is so hip with you and the best Bette online! And dosen’t Miss M look simply DIVINE? love Sammy.

  8. SHE PLANNING SOMETHING FOR EUROPE!!!! let’s hope she wasn’t talking about a vacation. omg! thanks mihai for sharing your story.

  9. Europe? Did she really say EUROPE?! That would be brilliant!!! Thank you for the information, I’m already full of anticipation! Can’t wait for dates and places and times!

  10. Could Europe maybe be a residency at the O2? If not maybe a tour? But Bette could be talking about special appearences, like a promotional tour, similar to what she did with Jackpot, she did not say “tour” from what I could see/read. But if she does tour she will hit UK(YUK), Germany, France, Sweden, for sure. She’s always been big in Sweden for some reason.

  11. OMG Europe!! I hope she means tour. She owes us YUKer’s a tour!! Her album go to number 6 here!! We still love her. Plus i also hope we get a DVD… the Celine fans did, and its ace, so lets hope we do! 😀

    1. From what I gather Jonathan she plans something like a tour starting next year give or take a few months after her Vegas run….that seems to be the plan..

  12. If she comes to europe, I have to go see her!!!!!!! I live in Sweden and I just have to see her! I actually started to cry when I read this! It’s GREAT!!! Thanks for a great story!!

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