Please Get Molly To Number One – She Slipped To Third And She Can’t Get Up Without Our Help – We Can Do This!

Mister D: Okay, we need to get Molly to win this contest. It shouldn’t be hard with the whole lot of us voting on and off all day every day. Just a couple of votes per person should do it, if we all participated. Here’s Molly again….trying to win 1000 dollars to see the Showgirl, Bette Midler:

OMG! I’m in flipping 3rd PLACE! What? I leave the house for ONE day and i come back and i’m in 3rd place….why. lol So, you know how i was asking you all to make youtube accounts and rate the video??? Well….times the importance of making one by like a bagillion! This is SUPER important to me and i can’t lose that $1,000!! PLEASE help me out here!!!!! If you’ve already rated it, please rate again and again and again! And more! You can rate it more than once a day just space it out a little. I need like 80 more rates just to CATCH UP! If you haven’t made one…PLEASE do it for me!!!! It will REALLY mean a lot! If you don’t know how to make one, LET ME KNOW and i’ll help you out! This is VERY IMPORTANT to me and i neeeeeeeed you all to help out! Youtube is free, easy, and you can totally delete it once you’re done with it!! This contest ends September 8th, so you all can keep rating till then!!! PLEASE!!!!

Here is the link:

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