Updated: New Bette DVD For Pre-Order – Cool Yule

Mister D: Not sure what it is yet, but at least it’s something new. Thanks to Ron for alerting me to this. I’ve written in to see if I can get any information about it. Hopefully, I’ll get some word back…things are pretty hectic though with that Fifty Cent thing though….to be released Oct 6, 2009

Found out what this is (thanks Michael P) – kind of a bogus Sony marketing plan where they take some of their major artist’s Christmas CD‘s and put out mini-DVD‘s of Christmas Scenes showing on your telly while the artist songs are playing in the background. There will be DVD’s like this released for Mariah Carey, Bette Midler, Kenny Chesney, and about 15 other artists….

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5 thoughts on “Updated: New Bette DVD For Pre-Order – Cool Yule

  1. Did you mean “bonus Sony thing” or “bogus Sony thing”? I really wish The Divine One released more stuff steadly. At least her previous concerts like The Divine Miss Millennium. Although DIVINE, her legacy will not be big.

  2. NYRP is sponsoring a family concert that Fifty Cent is involved with in NY and people are afraid that violence will break out. I posted an article about it….

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