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Mister D: Jayson seems like a great numbers guy and gets the weekly boxscores that Billboard sends out. I also get these, plus the weekly magazine, Billboard, but Jayson goes one step farther with all of his statistics which he has kept since the beginning of Bette’s Vegas run. So, here’s Jayson:

Bette hits number 2 on this weeks Billboard Boxscores (week ending Sept 19, 2009) just behind the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Although she has not sold out a single show since January 2009, and only sold 56.6% of the tickets available for last weeks run this is still quite an achievement for Ms. Midler. At this rate Bette will have played to 500,000 people either by the end of her January run, or early on the second run in 2010. I also have all the numbers in a nice chart form, which I update frequently, I’ll be sending Mister D a copy once the show ends .

2. Bette Midler The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Las Vegas, Nev.
Sept. 1-2, 4-6, 2009
11,284 / 19,942
5 / 0
$250, $175, $140, $95
Concerts West/AEG Live

Show has grossed: $57,613,511.00
Avg. Gross: $436,466.00
Avg. Ticket Price: $139.82
Total Attendance: 412,052 out of 493,729
Avg. Attendance: 3,122
# of Sold Out Shows: 34 out of 132
Total Tickets Sold(%): 83.5%

Yours truly.
Jayson Larocque

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8 thoughts on “BoxScore By Jayson L.

  1. Wow!!!! She’s the Divine, me again, question, if I go to the concert with a camera, to take pics outside the colosseum, they’ll take it at the entrance and at the end they’ll give it back to me,

  2. With pleasure Marcos!! I also predict the show will gross anywhere from $75-80 million, not considering any additional shows after the 200 shows are performed, and when ticket prices are increased for the final run of the show. Tickets for the final run may be between $100-350!!

    1. Jayson’s great with numbers but he doesn’t know when her last show is Marcos. None of us do, but probably mid Spring…

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