Is Bette In The New Sex And The City Movie?

Here’s SJP filming in New York City. But who’s that other lady?

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Submitted by Meredith LePore on Thu, 09/10/2009 – 08:58.

I’m not sure but the big hair, the leggings, the walkmans? All signs point to the decade when Reagan ruled (of course Charlotte still looks quite prim in her headband and Lilly Pulitzer skirt unlike Samantha who looks like a drag queen.) Obviously the new film ran out of story lines and decided to go back in time to how the girls met, started out in New York and became so fabulous. Plus 80’s clothes are super fun, especially when Patricia Field is dressing you. Other spoilers have been leaked including a wedding between Stanford and Anthony and Big having some financial trouble (way to be timely and factor in the recession amongst the oodles of Mahnolo Blahniks S&TC 2 writers) and having to move abroad where he gets tempted by another woman. Charlotte also thinks Harry is cheating on her and moves out of the apartment. Bette Midler was also seen on set the other day. Hmm? Could she be Carrie’s mother maybe?

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10 thoughts on “Is Bette In The New Sex And The City Movie?

  1. Oh Please say it’s True that Bette is going to be in Sex & the City!!! She would be great with SJP & also She is in The Bounty Hunter with J.A. I Love her in these Cameos as She always steals the Show:Get Shorty, What Women Want, The Women, Then She Found Me & now fingers Crossed these two “Yipee”

  2. Hey, Don! I just came across this. They have cool merch too for fans of the original Sophie but all proceeds go to NYRP! I had no idea this existed, but after reading on it and about the couple, it seems real cool.

  3. If Bette is in the movie that would be great. Also it’s like Bette never stops. She just came back from Vegas a few days ago. That’s our Bette! : ) lol

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