Film Capsule: Down And Out In Beverly Hills

Down and Out in Beverly Hills is a 1986 American comedy film, based on the French play Boudu sauvé des eaux, which had previously been adapted on film in 1932 by Jean Renoir. Down and Out in Bevery Hills was directed by Paul Mazursky, and starred Nick Nolte, Bette Midler and Richard Dreyfuss. The film is about a rich but dysfunctional couple who save the life of a suicidal bum. Flamboyant musician Little Richard also makes an appearance, and contributed the song “Great Gosh a’Mighty” to the soundtrack. The song’s success led to a revitalization of his career.

Released by Touchstone Pictures, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, Down and Out in Beverly Hills has the distinction of being the first R-rated film ever released by Disney. The R rating is due to profanity as well as a brief scene showing a topless woman having sex, another first for Disney. However, countless R-rated films have since received distribution by the Disney Company, under subsidiaries such as Touchstone, Miramax Films and Hollywood Pictures. Walt Disney Pictures, the flagship family-oriented brand, has yet to release a film with a rating stronger than PG-13.


* Nick Nolte ”“ Jerry Baskin
* Richard Dreyfuss ”“ Dave Whiteman
* Bette Midler ”“ Barbara Whiteman
* Elizabeth Pena ”“ Carmen the Maid
* Evan Richards ”“ Max Whiteman
* Tracy Nelson ”“ Jenny Whiteman
* Mike the dog ”“ Matisse

– As part of the TV Series

* Hector Elizondo ”“ Dave Whiteman
* Anita Morris ”“ Barbara Whiteman
* Elizabeth Pena ”“ Carmen the Maid
* Evan Richards ”“ Max Whiteman
* Eileen Seeley ”“ Jenny Whiteman
* Tim Thomerson ”“ Jerry Baskin

Location of Whiteman House
The house used at the Whiteman’s house is in the real Beverly Hills and is at 802 North Bedford Drive off Sunset Boulevard.

Television series
On April 26, 1987, Down and Out in Beverly Hills was remade as a 30 minute television series for the fledging Fox network. It also has the distinction of being the first ever show to be cancelled by Fox; only 13 episodes were produced.[1] Evan Richards was the only cast member of the film to reprise his role for TV.

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