BetteHead Spencer Brown drags all over the country with the Kinsey Sicks :-)

Kansas City Star
The Kinsey Report: KC homegirl Daisy Bucket drags all over the country with the Kinsey Sicks
By Crystal K. Wiebe
published: October 08, 2009


The Kinsey Sicks
7 and 10 p.m. Saturday, October 10, at Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ.

Spencer Brown says it’s just a coincidence that his touring a cappella quartet is finally playing his hometown.

Originally from San Francisco, the Kinsey Sicks have a reputation that stretches back 16 years. Someone at Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ (205 West 65th Street) knew about the group apart from its Kansas City-based member. And that means the nice church folks also knew what they were getting into when they decided to book two performances by Brown and his colleagues this Saturday: four salty drag queens performing a show called Wake the F@#k Up, America.

YouTube is full of old videos of the glamorous “dragapella beautyshop” girls Trixie, Trampolina, Winnie and Rachel harmonizing on such songs as “Oy Vey in a Manger” and “I Wanna Be a Republican.”

The newest Sick, Brown has been singing about pretty boys and politics since last summer as Trampolina.

Back when Brown was just a budding local drag queen named Daisy Bucket (pronounced bouquet), a friend handed him a recording by the Kinsey Sicks. The Ivy League professionals turned underground stars of cross-dressing inspired and intimidated the twiggy young performer with their perfect harmonies, gorgeous costumes and socially relevant songs.

But when the Sicks announced a nationwide search for a new member last year, Brown packed his wig and his charm and drove to an April audition in Lincoln, Nebraska. Knowing that a Bette Midler concert led to the group’s formation, he also brought his ability to wail on Midler’s “The Glory of Love.”

He was on tour by midsummer.

Tickets to Saturday’s shows are $45 in advance or $55 at the door. Brown says he has told his friends that it’s time to pay up.

Surely, they won’t disappoint sweet Trampolina.

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