Bette’s Debut On Rosie’s Show!

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9 thoughts on “Bette’s Debut On Rosie’s Show!

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have this recorded somewhere but I have not seen it for years. I love the song for Sophie; I used to sing it to my niece and nephew when they were young. How could you just not love Miss M? I have loved since her since I was a very young man in the mid 1980’s; I am now 33! This past April I finally shook her hand in Vegas at the end of her show. It was one of my life’s dreams! I have seen her live 5 times now and she is the greatest entertainer of all time; period! Thank you Mr. D for all that you do for us Midler fans! You are the w
    Wind Beneath our Wings!

  2. I LOVED seeing this again after so long! See looked great in her trademark curls and LOOK AT HOW TINY she was in this interview! I miss Rosie so much. I hope that now that her kids are getting older, she’ll reconsider returning to the talk show circuit again. Thank you Mister D. for bringing out all of these FWC promotional blitz videos!!! And you do, in fact, bring happiness to us! MUAH!

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