Psychology: The Film Most Likely To Make You Cry

The Mirror, UK
Formula for tears

The film most likely to make us cry is the Bette Midler movie Beaches, according to a psychologist who claims to have found the formula for the perfect weepie.

Professor Kim Bard of Portsmouth University devised a mathematical formula combining films’ tear counts, their “sad and inspirational themes” and “happy highs”. The Top 10 weepies according to Sky+HD are : Beaches, The Colour Purple, Schindler’s List, Philadelphia, Nights in Rodanthe, PS I Love You, Meet Joe Black, Terms of Endearment, One True Thing, Love Story

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4 thoughts on “Psychology: The Film Most Likely To Make You Cry

  1. The professor may have her numbers right as I’ve cried in many of these top 10 weepies. Beaches (Miss M, the theme song and Hershey broke my heart), The Colour Purple (I sobbed the first time I saw it), Nights in Rodanthe (I haven’t seen it), and One True Thing (To make things worse I was faraway from my mother when I saw it for the first time).

  2. All these made me sad too Marcos. The only one I didn’t see is Nights in Rodanthe, too. Guess I’ll have to check it out when I’m in a weeper mood…

  3. Mr. D, in my case, it was not really sad. I cried because it was moving, but they didn’t put me down. I always say that I only like films that make me learn, laugh, cry or think.

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