Shayna Steele’s New CD Available Now On CD Baby

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Boasting an industry resume as long as your arm, singer/songwriter Shayna Steele has acquired many labels over the course of her 12 year career, from “Broadway crooner” to “disco screamer”, “Chaka Khaner” to “r&b belter”, and “jazz chanteuse” to “electro diva.” But, while each denotes a unique facet, no one term is able to capture the whole. With her latest album, Steele delivers her most confident and cohesively eclectic set to date, answering the question “Who is Shayna Steele?” with a definitive (and defiant) I’ll Be Anything.

Genre: Urban/R&B: Retro-Soul
Release Date: 2009

To Purchase Physical CD: Click Here

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3 thoughts on “Shayna Steele’s New CD Available Now On CD Baby

  1. she sent me one around september/october and it’s been in my cd player non-stop ever since. i ordered several for my friends for Christmas!! 🙂

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