PollStars Midyear Report On Concert Grosses

The Set List
November 19, 2009

Pollstar has released its midyear report on concert grosses with two New Jersey acts, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band, leading the way.
Bon Jovi has pulled in $56.3 million on its well-received North American tour and the second leg of Springsteen’s “Magic” tour has grossed $40.8 million.
Van Halen, Kenny Chesney, Michael Buble, Kanye West and the double bill of Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige all land between $36.8 million and $30.7 million.
Now that the big guns are out of the way, let’s examine the rest of the tote board.

REUNION MANIA: After Van Halen, we have Spice Girls and the Police (both at $23.3 million); the Eagles ($15.8 million); Stone Temple Pilots ($5.2 million); and Duran Duran ($4.5 million).

GENRE BREAKDOWN: Veteran rockers (24); country (12); Spanish-language (eight, led by Juanes at $9.7 million); R&B/Hip-hop (six); Christian (three, topped by Casting Crowns at $6.3 million).

CELINE’S VEGAS REPLACEMENTS: Bette Midler‘s show has earned $14.8 million; Cher has drawn $10.3 million.

WHO NEEDS 4? THE KID SHOWS: The “double bill” of the real Miley Cyrus and the fictional Hannah Montana pulled in $17.1 million. The Jonas Brothers grossed $12.6 million.

NON-CONCERT LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Five shows in the top 10 led by “Riverdance” at $17.9 million. “Dancing With the Stars” has pulled in $12.6 million.

TRIBUTE BANDS: The grand total of one made it into the list, Rain – the Beatles Experience, grossing $4.6 million.

FIVE SHOWS, TWO DAYS, ONE CITY: Garth Brooks grossed $3.8 million doing a benefit for firefighters, which landed him at No. 89.

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH CONCERT GROSSES?: Jerry Seinfeld was the last of six comedians to make the list, pulling $3.7 million. Top-selling funnyman was Katt Williams at $16 million.

RUSH: The Canadian trio grossed $18.3 million. They are No. 12 on the list. (Last time I reported on Pollstar’s list several e-mailers wondered why Rush was not on the list. The reason was a lack of North American shows. Now they have done enough to rank high.)

MORE CANADIANS: Anne Murray ($4.7 million); Blue Rodeo ($4.2 million); Leonard Cohen ($3.7 million). Neil Young is not on the list.

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