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  1. This is one of those cool New York moments that make all the other stuff worth putting up with – it was the day of the tree lighting that year, and I got out of work and had to get to my chiropractor over at 48th and Madison. So I get off the D train at Rockefeller Center, and I’m hobbling out of the door right by the skating area, and because of the season the crowds are just crazy, and I see extra security and an area roped off. And I hear Bette singing, so I think finally they’re playing some decent music for the skaters, but I see the crowd focused and now I see Bette not 20 feet away rehearsing “Cool Yule” for that evening with her band, and she’s not holding back, she sounds phenominal,I think she was wearing like construction boots and the crowd has stopped and is really into it. I told a cop she was my favorite, and he let me get even closer. After the music, Bette is talking with some techies, the crowd hopes for more, but she starts to be escorted out, and everyone is cheering. She turns and gives a little wave. Wow! The best I could ever get was row M at Radio City,( but I got it 3 times!) and here I just walked right into it. I love New York! Thanks Bette! My back felt much better! Keep it up!

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