From the desk of Bette Midler

Dear Friend,

You know what’s fun about taxes? (Seriously.)

Giving tax-deductible gifts on New Year’s Eve!

We here at New York Restoration Project (NYRP) would LOVE to be your organization of choice this year. Won’t you please make a generous and secure online donation today?

And guess what? I’ll DOUBLE IT, since my challenge is still on until the ball drops in Times Square. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate ”“ break out the funny hats and noise-makers!

See? I told you taxes could be fun.

Best wishes for the New Year,


P.S. Don’t forget: Until midnight tonight, your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation will be matched, dollar for dollar. If there was ever a time to be generous, this is it! Click here to make your contribution. But the matching gift offer expires with 2009, so please contribute right away!

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6 thoughts on “From the desk of Bette Midler

  1. I have no idea why the thought “from the desk of Bette Midler” came into my mind this morning but I could not shake the thought all day. So I put the phrase in quotes on Google just to see what would happen. I have to say that it was a thought out of the blue since I have not watched any Bette Midler movies lately and have not seen or heard anything about her for a long time.

    Since the thought nagged me all day I thought I should follow up on it….you never know. These kind of thoughts that come out of the blue and nag until you folllow up usually mean something. I very rarely have them. I am not weird or on any medications seriously. I really do not know anything about Bette Midler except I have enjoyed watching a few movies she acted in. Oh yeah and I think she is a democrat. Smiles.

    Well I feel awkward writing such a letter but would rather follow up on the thought than wonder later what it was all about.

    Cynthia Haines

  2. I just saw you with Billy Crystal on 2 talk shows today. The thought “from the desk of Bette Middler” keeps passing through my mind every so often. I am not a person who gets these kind of nagging thoughts usually, so that’s why I felt I should follow up on it.
    I am excited and hopeful that I will get a chance to see your new movie. I did find it an interesting coincidence after not seeing you or hearing about you for several years I would have that thought and then you have a movie comming out. It looks like it will be really great. I was in child care for nearly 20 years so I had to make the transistion from old school to new school child care. I plan to take a friend of mine who worked through the same child care agency with me to the movie.

    1. Hi Cynthia! Thanks for writing in…but this is a fansite, not Bette Midler. You should check back often as we post something almost everyday

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