Ex Harlette Franny McCartney’s “As Is” on CD is Pure Listening Bliss

Franny McCartney’s As Is on CD is Pure Listening Bliss
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by Don Grigware

If you like a smooth singer, one to listen to when you cuddle up with that extra special person by the fireside, then there is no one better than former Harlette (Bette Midler‘s best) Franny McCartney. Her low-key, velvety tones can be both serious or playful as she runs the gamut of emotions from A-Z in her new jazz/pop/blues CD entitled As Is.

What a variety of songs! There’s a sensually passionate “Besame Mucho”, a very sultry & evocative “Something Cool”, and then lighter, more tongue-in-cheek humor in “White Girls Get the Blues Too” and the toe-tapping, upbeat “Grass Is Always Greener”. Accompanying and sometimes singing with McCartney is Howlett “Smitty” Smith, who can bring out the magic in just about any blues song. Also on tap are my personal favorites “Put a Little Love In Your Heart” and the always make me feel good “It’s a Good Day”. Then, there’s plenty of seasonal lunacy with “Strawberry Spring”, “Wintertime”, “For One Whole Spring” or “Midnight Sun”.

This is an album treasury that will brighten any mood, that will definitely raise your spirits…and one that you will want to play over and over again. Whenever you need that lift, McCartney has the gift! As Is keeps giving pleasure.

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2 thoughts on “Ex Harlette Franny McCartney’s “As Is” on CD is Pure Listening Bliss

  1. dear mister D,

    thank you so much for posting this-the very first review of my new album, on your incredible & FAB-ulous BOOTLEG BETTY website. i am thrilled & very appreciative of your support. keep in touch.

    xoxox franny

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