My Experience With the Divine!

OMG!! A dream come true for me, back in November for my birthday I decided to take myself to Vegas to be a Smug Motha *&#$@! I arrived to sin city around noon on a Wednesday and checked myself into my hotel then headed to Bette’s current home. I went to will call to pick up my ticket and was told I could not receive it because the ticket was purchased on my boyfriends card online and he did not make it for the trip! I almost fell over and started crying when I heard this, the lady was very nice and told me to wait and see if she could talk her manager into it, he was not going to for the longest time and finally after a long convincing story of how this was my one dream and so on and so on he finally agreed, we had to get my boyfriend to call and fax a bunch of stuff for them but it all worked out and I got the ticket in my hand!

I arrive to the coliseum later that night go get my free drink and then get escorted to the front row center! I am getting so excited and nervous! I get sat next to the most wonderful people, a lovely lady to my right and Will to my left from Australia and Chloe who is now a friend of mine, we had talked on facebook before we met at the show so it was really exciting to meet!

Well the lights start to dim and it starts, I started to tear up before she even fully got on stage, lol! She arrived! The show was so amazing! One of my favorites was when she sang “do you want to dance” Love it! The show ended and Bette’s people came to get us and take us back”¦..

Now really nervous and excited! We all get back there and anxiously await the Divine Miss M to grace us with her presence. While waiting Bette Sussman came backstage to meet some friends and I said Hi and she said Hi back to us all, very nice lady.

Then it happen”¦..Bette walked in! OMG could it really be true?! Bette Midler and I in the same room, feet apart! Yes it was! So when I got to go up and take my picture with her she asked where I was from and if I enjoyed the show. First thing I said was I loved her and this is the best Birthday ever! She signed for me a program and a vintage poster that came with the Bette Midler album sleeve. I told her I was going to get the Amsel art of her Bette Midler album which was same as the poster she signed for me, she told me “Don’t you dare! You will regret it.” I said “no I won’t I love this picture, I love you and normally Bette I would do and listen to anything you say but I gotta go on my own on this one.” She laughed and said are you sure you don’t want to get just a “B M” right here, and she pointed to under her arm pit, I laughed and said “positive”! The we took our picture she gave me another huge hug I squeezed her back and I told her I will see her again! Wow such an awesome time, I was on cloud nine the rest of my Vegas vacation

I am so blessed to have had this experience and will never forget it!


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8 thoughts on “My Experience With the Divine!

  1. Hey Tony –

    Great experience. But listen – I will be your bf from now on! I can’t believe he didn’t go with you.

    I was at opening night for this show and will be there for closing night. I can’t wait!


  2. am i understanding this right? You got that amsel pic as a tattoo!! That is awesome! I just found that old record and that poster!! I am so jealous!

  3. Hey Tony,
    It has been my dream to get that poster signed as well! Great choice on the memorabilia you chose. Did Bette say anything else about signing that actual poster?

  4. I would give anything to see the Divine Miss M!!! She was a total favorite of my best friend & myself. I feel a certain closeness everytime I hear any of her delicious tunes! My bestie passed away 2007 & I’d love to have one more sing-a-long with her & The Divine!!! How cool to get to see & then chat with her.

  5. Awesome David you will have so much fun at the last show! what a special treat! Jill- I will be getting that tatto in a few weeks, I hope to get to show Bette at the spring pic nic if I get to run into her! Yes Dave she looked at the poster I wanted her to sign and she said “God thats old!” ha ha Kimberly- That would be awesome to have that sing-along I hope it happens for you someday!

  6. I do not normally post but love this site. First off I just had the same poster matted and framed. It’s my favorite album and cover! Tony, please please send a pic to bootleg of your tattoo. I have a feeling many people will want to see it!!! Also dude you are smokin! Your boyfriend’s a fool for sending you to vegas alone!

  7. Ha hA thanks JC making me blush over here. Yeah I just got it in a frame to finally! It looks awesome, I will send pics of the tat as soon as its done;-)

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