Updated: Bette Midler Spring Picnic Information…So Far

I just found out that Bette’s Spring Picnic will be held this year on May 17th. However the location has not been determined yet. Ticket prices start at $500.00 and tables at $10,000. I will post as soon as they find out the location.

There may be cheaper tickets, but I’ll have to confirm. This is what they did the last 2 years I believe so the tickets were 250.00. You have to be in this age range 21-40:

Bud’s Membership:
”¢ Complimentary ticket to NYRP’s Annual Spring Picnic, a seated dinner and cocktail reception hosted by Bette Midler each spring
Ӣ Invitations to a seasonal series of Bud events, including volunteer clean-up days, cocktail receptions, game nights and barbeques
Ӣ Invitations to NYRP patron programs and events
”¢ Two issues of NYRP’s Good Dirt and monthly e-newsletters
”¢ 10 percent discount at NYRP’s New Leaf Restaurant & Bar in Fort Tryon Park
Ӣ 10 percent discount with NYRP partners including Chelsea Garden Center, ZeZe Flowers, Lexington Gardens and Rouge Tomate.

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9 thoughts on “Updated: Bette Midler Spring Picnic Information…So Far

  1. Thank you times a freakin million Don! Now I can book a hotel! So are they not gonna have cheaper prices for the Buds as in the past? I know in previous years, under 35 was like half price and I’m REALLY hoping for that. Thanks again! So, are ya goin? Pretty please with a cherry on top? You could room with us! Love ya!

    1. I just asked her what tickets started at and she said 500.00 so I don’t know if they are doing the Buds thing this year. The location will be announced in 2 weeks. Doubt if I’ll be going this year since I’ll be going to San Fran in June, but you never know. I want to try.

  2. Im pretty sure I can’t afford it this year cause I am using my money to take a summer algebra class at my local community college. I know how studious of me. lol Yeah well I really think there is no chance unless I pull a bank job or something. : )

  3. I cant wait until May – I am a member of the Buds but they havent given a date or loction so Im glad its on here lol I joined the buds for $250 (£160 UK) and with that you get a free ticket to the Spring picnic 🙂

    Amanda xx

  4. Does Bette meet/greet or take photos with fans at the Spring Picnics?

    Thanks so much for posting the info!

    1. She makes an effort to….in the past she would come to your table and do it, but it’s gotten much bigger so you have to fend for yourself and sort of introduce yourself and ask for a pic….she still tries, but just in case, you need to be a little assertive, but not aggressive….

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