Reminder: Sex And The City 2 – Bette Is Not In This Movie

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Coming Soon: “Sex And The City 2”³, Think You’ve Seen It All?
Posted by mysta on March 11, 2010

“Sex And The City 2″
Two years after we had last left the four fabulous ladies from New York, we’re back to see what amazing things have happened and what lies ahead in the future for them. Just when they’re sure they’ve seen everything they realize they haven’t seen anything yet.

Carrie has to face a surprise she wasn’t quite ready for and doesn’t know how to deal with; Charlotte and Harry’s daughter suffers from health issues; Samantha and Smith might hit it off again; Miranda has to make big decisions about her career.
The movie is full of guest appearances and cameo’s we will be able to see Miley Cyrus appearing in the scene of Smith Jerrod’s new film premier wearing the same exact dress as Samantha; Penelope Cruz briefly as a banker; or Bette Midler appearing in a special role (speculated as Carrie’s mother). Many surprises are yet to come in the movie, including some key scenes in Morocco.

A brief reminder of the way the last movie ended: After Mr. big and Carrie get over his cold feet cold feet they marry in a simple wedding at town hall and later celebrate with friends; Charlotte has a baby; and the four ladies rejoice Samantha’s fiftieth birthday;

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, David Eigenberg, Evan Handler, Jason Lewis, Mario Cantone, Willie Garson, Miley Cyrus (The Last Song), Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Liza Minnelli, Tuesday Knight (Diamond Zero )and more

Directed by Michael Patrick King (Sex And The City)
Written by Michael Patrick King (Sex And The City)

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7 thoughts on “Reminder: Sex And The City 2 – Bette Is Not In This Movie

  1. Haha…Bette has a pack of marlboro ultra lights in her hand! I know, I look at the picture and notice the cigarettes…what the hell is wrong with me?!

  2. No!!! I do not smoke, i did once, about died, never again. My dad always has a pack in his hands, and he smokes the ultra lights, so its a sight i see often =]

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